Earth Day, The Proper Way

Murder! Rape! Help! Help!!!...

Hope you have been good on Earth Day and have cut a tree in front of a tree-hugger, just to show the followers of the new religion that no, trees have no human rights; babies in the womb have.

You haven't, you say?

Neither have I.

Too much sweat for a quiet writing nature like myself.

But it would have been worth a video, for sure.



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  1. Ha! Love it.

  2. We are to be good stewards of the Earth’s resources, not worship nature.

  3. I pride myself on being perhaps one of your few readers who has wielded a chainsaw and cut a tree more than once.(I know, not very ladylike, but very necessary where we lived.) It was on my family’s farm, so it was terribly legal, and also very satisfying. In later years, my work had me flying in a small plane a few hundred miles over the Pacific Northwest US every week for several months. I cannot describe the immensity of the forests in a state the size of, say Ireland or England. You could be missing forever if you were lost there. So I think we’re not yet running out of trees.

    Anyway, in my view, cutting trees can be seen as good from many fronts… but it would be especially fun if there was a tree-hugger witnessing it.

    Happy earth day!

    • It would, in fact, be good to condemn convicted environ-mentalists to assist to the cutting of trees.
      Though I always thought caning should be revalued.

  4. Hope you at least ate a spotted owl…it’s what’s for dinner on Earth Day! Ha ha!

  5. Yumm! I wonder if it tastes like chicken?…..

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