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“Il Mio Papa” (“My Pope”) has hit the newsstands on the 5th of March. The second number is already available by your favourite newsagent, and this being a creature of Mondadori, the biggest publisher in Italy (yes, Berlusconi-owned if you need to know) you can be sure they will wait a while before pulling the plug, even if the venture were not to work as hoped.

It will be great fun. I am sure at the “Eye of the Tiber” they are preparing themselves already.

I am eagerly waiting for the internet presence to go live, but the already announced http://www.miopapa.it is not live yet.

From what I have known by googling around on Italian websites, the magazine has the following features:

1. Lots of photos. Big ones. They have to fill 68 pages every week, you know. Ok, half will probably be advs for condoms and the like…

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  1. The very modest Robert Maxwell’s image used to adorn page after page of the Daily Mirror almost every day after he bought it for a song. Until, that is, circulation went into freefall – from which it never recovered.

  2. felicitasperpetua

    The cover bears an eerie resemblance to Hello! magazine. I wouldn’t have the stomach to view the contents. The nausea’s already overwhelming.

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