Extreme Environ-Mentalism











These people are truly ready for the madhouse.

They would need medical attention, but I am sure they refuse Western medicine anyway.

It’s truly scary.

These people vote. I mean, unless they are incapacitated they at least have the right to.

Scary. No, really.

Many thanks to reader Jewel, who alerted me to the existence of such articles.


Now that you have been brave, recover and relax with Ali-G’s take on tree-huggers and the two first-class gayboys teaching him non-violent resistance …














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  1. Actually the people you see here died in California the 1960’s and their bodies were frozen and stored to be thawed in the future. Out of curiosity and because the maintenance for freezing was becoming too expensive, their descendants, mostly wall-street types, decided that now was the best time to have them thawed .

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