Concubinegate: Bubble Very Predictably Exploded

Homo gutter press

From today's Vatican press release.

Text in black. Meaning in red.

Telephone calls ” do not in any way form part of the Pope's public activity”.

The man is a maverick even when he speaks in public. Stop giving any importance to what he would have said in private. Whether true or not. No, really.

The “media amplifications” “cannot be confirmed as reliable”

Stop behaving like excited girlies everytime someone with an agenda says the Pope has now changed the rules to please her. Professional journalists who ride this every time chasing exciting news are particularly despicable.

… And are “source of misunderstanding and confusion”

We are fed up with this novelty frenzy everytime the old man has a chat on the phone. You are using the man to attack Catholicism. We know he is too vain or thick to understand it, but we are truly fed up with both him and the press.

“Consequences relating to the teaching of the church are not to be inferred from these occurrences”

Note for the “Daily Homograph”: Church teaching isn't changed via private phone calls. Not even if the one making the phone call is a raving Modernist.



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  1. Words and actions have meaning and consequences…does he not know that as a 76 yr old something?

  2. What is the big deal? This could be easily solved by her priest/confessor. She needs to make a good confession and move out. What are her priorities?

  3. Bergoglio is truly something. I can’t tell whether he rejects sound Catholicism or is just ignorant of it.

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