Three Days To Go: Semi-Serious Post

Francis Manero, for once ditching the Tango...

You know which song is Francis humming these days?

If you ask me, he goes around humming this one…

“Ah… Ah… Ah… Ah…

Staying alive… Staying alive…. “


I get it.

Back to serious blogging now…


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  1. Mundabor,
    apparently an Italian man has been crushed by a giant crucifix dedicated to Pope John Paul II. He died. Before his death, he lived on a street named after Pope John XXIII…. The Greatest Canonizations of All Time seem to be a smashing success already… 😉 (Pray for his warm reception into heaven alongside the two Popes involved in his demise.)
    Now, if I were at all sensitive to the “signs” from on high (which I am not), I would be pretty disturbed at this development. If I were the Pope, I would try not to walk past big statues or crucifixes that might decide to jump down on me or take me into their cold embrace in the next few days. It is certainly more suggestive than the whole “lightning strikes highest building” or “dove gets attacked by predator birds” business that has occupied the attention of many people in the past.

  2. Pretty much says it all:

    • This is very true.

      The fact that it is reasonable to believe JP II is in heaven if he gets canonised does not mean his canonisation is not a disgrace. People can go to heaven after doing all sorts of mistakes – again, St. Dismas is a point in case – but the one who canonises them indirectly and subtly promotes the mistakes.


  3. The corpus which fell is not as bad as the one in the new basilica at fatima which has the face of a crazed lunatic. It just is very strange that they placed this extremely heavy corpus on so very precarious a place high atop a bent-over crucifix.

    What comes to mind is that Pope John Paul ii said that he would not resign his papacy because Jesus did not come down from the cross. I wonder if the dead man and the injured person who was taken to the hospital were devout Catholics.

    • If the second person has not died because he has invoked Pope VI, I see another canonisation coming (for the beatification we have already the “perhaps miracle” of the baby who was born, duh, healthy).


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