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Quo Usque Tandem, Francisce? Or: Working With Cretins.

His patience was abused. Our too.

Have you ever worked with a cretin? I have.

The cretin does not know he is a cretin. He thinks he is smart. And the more the cretin is in a position of authority – which, the world being what it is, does not need to have anything to do with merit, or real qualities – the more he will think himself a genius, and continue to wreak havoc around him. Wise people in his entourage will suggest to him that he considers doing things slightly differently; but they will have a very difficult task, because Cretin will wonder how they can have such outmoded ideas, and be persuaded he knows best. He will, more likely, be somewhat peeved at the environment's reluctance to recognise his own, the Great Innovator's, stature.

Cretin's careers is generally owed to the bed – if a woman -, to some pleasant trait that was overrated, or to the protection of some Chief Cretin, who sees in him one of his kind and thinks Cretin is just the ticket.

Under normal circumstances, Chief Cretin will at some point be removed or quietly promoted where he cannot cause any damage, and Cretin's career will experience a sudden turn of fortune as the forces of, ahem, reaction finally take control again; but once one or more cretins have nested, the process will be a long, painful and uncertain one.

We are now in a rather unique situation, as Top Cretin is, in fact, Pope. As you see, I am here charitably assuming that the man is not outright evil; if anything, because the evil would be great indeed, and stupidity is much more common. But if he is not evil, then he is most certainly a cretin. Each and every one of you would reach the same conclusion if the person behaving in such manner were every one of the seven billion humans populating the earth, but the Pope.

At some point, facts speaks for themselves. In this case, they shout.


I am, therefore, very surprised at the criticism moved to the Vatican press release concerning concubinegate.

Of course they did not deny the conversation took place. How could they? Francis calls around everytime he feels like it, and there's no stopping him from doing that. Once you ask the man and he tells you “yes, I did”, what can you do? Deny the evidence? Lie and have your lie called out by Francis?

Similarly, of course they could not deny that “doctrinal” conversations took place. It's not that people talk to Popes exclusively about the various types of wheelchair, or the practical advantages of black shoes. It is very probable, and very reasonable, to assume that the content of the woman's letter to Francis (along the lines of: “Dear Abby: I am a concubine living in mortal sin and giving scandal for all the world to see, but I am worried: is it OK for me to receive Communion?”) will have been touched upon. There's no way to deny the undeniable.

What could, then, Lombardi and Rosica do, other than make indirectly clear that the Pope talks too much and doesn't know what he talks about, but this is just the way it is and it has obviously no bearing on the Truth? They certainly can't start giving catechism lessons by way of press release.

A first-class cretin has been made Pope. This is a crude fact, it's as clear as the sun, and it's in front of our eyes every day. But Lombardi and Rosica cannot simply say it so. They must save Francis' face as much as it can be done, and insist that Truth comes before any telephone rambling when it cannot be done. They will never, ever be able to assure you the Pope spoke soundly, or even knew what he was saying. if this is what you want, you are asking them to deny reality.

This Pope is, in the best of cases, a cretin; a cretin of gigantic proportions who, like all of his ilk, thinks himself very smart, and very special. Come on: you know it is so; you just recoil from admitting it because the very thought is disquieting. But the Holy Ghost never promised us that the Pope would be intelligent, or that one would need to be intelligent to become Bishop or Cardinal.

It is what it is. The Gates of Hell will not prevail anyway; so relax and pray more, because we are being punished.

For how long this will go on, it's anyone guess. As Cicero was stating his immortal quo usque tandem, his men were already going around arresting all the conjurors, and he knew Catilina would not abuse of his patience for very long – if memory serves, in fact, Catilina was killing himself practically as Cicero was speaking -. But Francis might be about to abuse our patience for a very, very long time; because this time Cretin cannot be removed, under normal circumstances, by human force.

We must pray that this man comes to his senses – improbable: you can't teach an old Jesuit new tricks; but for God everything is possible, even making of Francis a wise Pope and a genius – or the Lord has mercy on us and frees us from this Papacy in His own way, and in His own good time. But I think it's very fine to pray that the time of punishment comes to an end sooner rather than later.

What can we, in the meantime, do? I suggest the following:

1. Accept the reality of a stupid, or evil man. There's no escaping this simple reality. Don't insult your intelligence taking refuge in Pollyann-ism. Look at facts for what they are. Admit you would never allow Bergoglio to run a Catholic kindergarten, or teach catechism to your children, and would be horrified at having him as a parish priest, wondering how on earth such a tool could be allowed to keep his habit.

2. Make the above clear to those around you, thus giving your contribution to the awful, diffused Papolatry that allows the man to get away with his foolishness. It will be shocking for them at first, but on mature reflection they will see it makes sense.

3. Ridicule him every time that he deserves it, that is: almost all the time. A clown Pope deserves to be called a clown; a Pope who makes a mockery of his office deserves to be made a mockery of; a Pope doing half of what he does because of his boundless love for himself deserves to be hit in his vanity; a Pope making light of Church teaching as if he were talking of football deserves to be dismissed as a senile nincompoop. Francis' ability to damage the Church is directly related to his credibility as Pope. If you want to avoid damage to the latter, you must make clear the lack of credibility of the former. Jesus and Francis cannot both be right, or wise. One must be an idiot. It isn't Christ.

It is what it is. I did not make him Pope. Incompetent or outright stupid Cardinals did.

But you, dear reader, you stand firm in the faith of our fathers, knowing that the Church who has buried many unworthy Popes will bury Francis, too. It takes a bit more than an old cretin rambling on the phone to take down the Church.

Do not lose faith. Open your eyes instead.




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