Francis: Either Stupid Or Evil

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In an interview with Catholic News Service, Mr Eberle said “many points” in the Pope’s apostolic exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium (“The Joy of the Gospel”) suggested the German Church was “moving in the right way” in its attitude toward remarried Catholics.Uwe Renz, spokesman in the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, also defended the bishops’ stance. He said he believed the bishops were acting “in the spirit of the Pope’s teaching.”“Our own dialogue process has shown this is a major issue for both lay Catholics and priests,” Mr Renz said.“Pope Francis has called on bishops to exercise a wise and realistic pastoral discernment on such problems, and our bishops want divorced and remarried Catholics to be a full part of the church community, with full rights.”

I do not entirely blame Mr Eberle. I mean, of course I do. But he is not the first responsible for the impending schism in…

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  1. Pope Francis is definitely on another track regarding the annulment problem than was John Paul ii. John Paul ii admonished the USA for granting annulments too leniently, especially on the basis of “psychological immaturity”..and these were real Church tribunal annulments that JPii spoke about, not just phone call or priest-consultation pastoral opinions.

    Pope Francis may or may not be —- or ——, but he certainly is clever. He never says enough clearly enough to be pinned down, he summons others to do that , then he very imprecisely praises
    or elevates them. So is he a heretic by complicity ? If so , how does that effect his authenticity as Pope?

    • You see how the reasoning leads you into dangerous ground.

      First you decide he is smart. Then you decide he is a formal heretic. Then you conclude he might not be legitimately Pope.

      I do no think his ability to avoid being pined is particularly developed. It doesn’t get more explicit than “and I here I repeat it” in answer to Scalfari’s question as to atheists in good conscience can be saved. It doesn’t get more arrogant than the question whether the fags in the Vatican have an ID card. It doesn’t get more stupid than open mockery of pious Catholics who count rosaries. Subtle, he is not.

      But of course he must know at least this: he can’t go around saying “public concubines have the right to receive communion”. The inmates of a clinic for mental illness would know that, all of them.

      Francis is Pope, because he was made one according to procedure. I do not think there is any procedure to remove him – I have read an ecumenical council could do that; I doubt; it sounds a very Conciliarist idea to me -. At some point, he will die, and at the appointed time the Holy Ghost will help us – or those after us – to restore sanity.

      There’s nothing else we can do, methinks. The Cardinals elect the Pope. They have chosen a first-class nincompoop – or worse; I keep being charitable -. We must live with that. He is the Pope.


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