Pope Makes Phone Call And Does Not Threaten Church Teaching


No explosion this time. Phew!




Francis has called an Argentinian slum priest.

He appears to have said nothing scandalous or challenging doctrine.

I thought I would report this as worthy of notice.


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  1. The pope is Catholic. Praise God.

    And then?

    • Then he is a very bad Pope, and we must pray that God saves his clearly endangered soul, but gets us rid of him.
      In the meantime, he should get no respite, until he changes his tune.
      I think this is the only sensible course of action.

  2. According to that rag ‘The Tablet’, Madriaga is saying that there is ‘resistance’ to the Pope from some cardinals who are quoted by him as saying that they made a mistake. Didn’t they do a bit of research before giving the Church to his care? All the warning signs were there, they deserve him, we don’t.

  3. I am hoping that I will get a response from the Bishop of Rome. My Spanish is average, so he’ll have to speak slowly on the telephone if he calls me. But my intention is to send one letter a week with a message such as ‘Please uphold the dignity of marriage in October.’ Or, indeed, any other of the many dogmatic topics that are ignored, or worse. Just one sentence. I truly don’t expect to see a response, but it would be good for people of an orthodox mind to cause a little pile of letters in his mail.

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