The Day After: A Prayer

Saints Pope John XXIII and John Paul II: pray that we may be given far better Popes than you both were.


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  1. On its surface, that’s a good joke. But beneath that it contains a lot of truth. Good to see you’re your old self in this deeply disappointing time.

    On the plus side, this place you have made here was a haven away from the maddening way that most of the world was glorifying that crowd-pleasing spectacle.


    This incident happened a prior to the miracle in the video.

    I also prayed to John Paul ii for my brother who was in the hospital
    diagnosed with a cerebral aneurism. The doctor had told him he needed
    surgery and things did not look good. My prayer went something like this: John Paul ii, I think that you owe me a favor because of all the problems my family has had with the Church, and I know that these things were not probably your fault, but some happened during your watch, so I would like you to heal my brother. My brother recovered without treatment
    and with no residual effects to his health, much to the amazement of
    the doctor and hospital staff. My brother does not does not
    acknowledge John Paul ii ‘s intervention since he is not a practicing Catholic, nor are the other family members mentioned, and my brother
    did not pray to John Paul ii himself .I do believe the favor came from John Paul’s intervention.
    I did not see my brother or the hospital since it is a distance away
    from me, but heard of his condition by phone from family members.

    I do not agree with all the faults of St. John Paul ii mentioned on blogs I frequent, but I agree he is now a canonized saint of the church and since he was known as the “pope of apologies” then I am sure he is now more willing than ever to apologize by obtaining spiritual and physical aid from God for us.

  3. I don’t care if was meant half jokingly or not. It’s a brilliant “mental reservation” that will permit me to hear, and perhaps even to participate in, invocations of these two saints without choking.

    • It’s deadly serious, but at same time – as you will find, hopefully, often on this blog – said with the attempt at humour of the one who knows Christ has already won the battle.


  4. Mundabor, no need to be rude to two new saints on their canonization day!:). I would take the tack of Ms. Avila: Please, guys, you know more now, so help us with the fallout from your negligence, oversight, or mistakes.

    • And here they come, the feel-good troops at work.
      This is no rudeness, madam. These are the facts.
      And the facts need to be told so that these canonisations are not abused to promote the false agenda.
      These two saints were disastrous Popes.
      If it was legitimate to say it before, it is necessary to say it now.

  5. One of your very best one liners and I will unashamedly use it (attributing it to you, naturally).

    May even draft up a liberal/modernist prayer to these new Saints too. Just imagine the text.

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