After “Protect The Pope”: Some Suggestions

After the announcement of the blog’s closure, some fast brainstorming: 


Mrs Donnelly can certainly create a new blog, if she so wishes; and tell the bishop to mind his own business if he object to this, too.

A similar name, and news around to friendly blogs would be enough: in a few weeks, the old readership would be at the new destination.

Not for me to decide, though. Just an idea. To close the present blog is obedient enough. But no bishop has the right to go around with corks for deacons’ wives.


We (the other blogger) could take the blog posts about ACTA and reblog all of them. A deluge of ACTA posts. Exactly the contrary of what the Bishop wants to achieve. Oh, the irony! Then we could sit with a tea and scone, and wait for th eemail of the bishop ordering us to close our blog, or to wash our car, or to pray in the direction of the mecca. 


The blog could be given to a good soul, who is known as orthodox and reliable and can profit of the bigger audience of the “PTP” blog. Something similar is happening in Austria, with “” as the successor of sorts of the lamented “”. Not the same name, but in a way the same audience.


Just some ideas.

Very late now.

Good night.


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  1. donnaliane72

    Love Suggestion no.2. Time to teach them that they won’t be able to stop the Truth.

  2. There is already a Facebook page along the lines you suggest.

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