Bishop Campbell Shuts Down “Protect The Pope”.

Poisoned soup.

Poisoned soup.


“It is with sorrow that I am writing to let you know that Bishop Campbell, the Bishop of Lancaster, has refused Nick’s request to resume news posting on Protect the Pope.  Bishop Campbell has also stated that he does not want anyone posting on Protect the Pope on Nick’s behalf.

Although I have been news posting on my own behalf on the site, I now feel unable to continue.

Protect the Pope will close as a news service on Sunday 4th May, the Feast of the English Martyrs to allow a short period for readers of Protect the Pope to say goodbye to each other.

Thank you (on my own behalf) for all the prayers, support and help we have received.

Please continue to pray for our Bishop.”

With these words, Deacon Nick’s wife announced the closure of the blog on the 4th May, and left no doubt as to who is responsible for it.

Deacon Nick is a deacon and he would obey. Deacon Nick’s wife is not a deacon but she has chosen – wisely, I think – to obey, too.

“Protect the Pope” has been an orthodox, courageous voice for Catholicism. Bishop Campbell will have to answer to heaven for his decision.It is truly indicative of the time that as Catholicism in Britain sinks in a pool of common places and is headed toward irrelevance, the Bishops are busy with shutting down the sincere Catholic voices out there. The ways of Satan are also very numerous.

Deacon Nick can be proud. He and his wife have done a sterling job. He can stop blogging in the serene knowledge that he is obedient, and the responsibility of the closure of the blog rest on the shoulder of the man to whom he owes obedience. Pray for him and his wife today if you can.  And pray for the bishop, poor soul.


The closure of this blog could be only the first of many.

From today, every priestly or deacon’s blog – particularly in England, where there is a precedent – can be closed par ordre du mufti  whenever leftist bitches say it is “divisive”.

Bishop Campbell’s religion is clearly harmony, not Catholicism, and I wonder how many are like him, and how many more will follow in this “age of mercy” that has no mercy only for orthodoxy. 

This will happen, I think, quietly and slowly, one blog at a time, and waiting for the usual,useful controversy. If, in fact, the blogger or deacon priest is good, controversies will not be awaited for long, and if the blogger priest neuters his blog to prevent closure the effect will be the same as if it had been closed.

What happened with “Protect the Pope” is very grave. It is another demonstration that Catholics are now the only legitimate enemy of Catholic bishops. The same bishop who shut down this blog will, no doubt, be engaged in various kind of ecumenical dialogue with people whose blog – mutatis mutandis – he would have shut down after three hours. But you see, they aren’t Catholics, so all is fine.

In the coming years, I was saying, we might well see the closure of many priestly blogs. But I can imagine a good number of anonymous blogs run by priests being written. Anonymous blogging is not difficult, and if done with some intelligence it is rather safe; not from the police of course; but from a nosy bishop, most certainly.

As an aside, I have written just hours ago about Father John X. It appears the man goes around threatening various blogger priests, and writing to their bishop asking that they be silenced. Now, people like him are the perfect pretext (as in: pretext; or you might say: pretext) for a bishop to silence a blog. The blog can, after the bitching, be safely described as “uncharitable, and fomenting division”. Father John X might, in fact, have been the pretext – or one of them – used by Bishop Campbell to shut down “Protect the Pope”. 

The bishop should be ashamed of himself, but I doubt there are many bishops in England who still know what shame means, or how it feels. Worse, his action offers a dangerous precedent for other equally shameless bishops, and let us hope there are not too many of them around.

I repeat here what I have already written: the more moderate priestly blogs are closed, the more Catholics will read less moderate blogs like this one. And if a bishop thinks lay bloggers cannot be very effective in exposing the shame of the modern church, a smart bishop he ain’t. This, beside the fact that many lay bloggers might be, in fact, priests.

Catholics do not browse the Internet for Catholic blogs because they do not know what to do with their time. They do it because they are fed up with the Bishop Campbells of the world, and have decided to seek some sound Catholicism on the net. And yes, Catholicism is divisive.

Christ came with a sword.

Bishop Campbell came with a tomato soup can.

Enriched with hemlock.




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  1. What are the odds that Francis made a call to Campbell and arranged this?

    (as he likely did with taking liberal wacko Fr. Fagan off suspension)

    • I don’t think a blog like “PTP” would move the Pope, whom I doubt even bothers to read blogs in English, if he ever bothers about reading at all.

      I’d say here it is rather Bishop Campbell’s devotion to the new religion of harmony at play.


  2. “Protect the Pope” has been an orthodox, courageous voice for Catholicism.”
    Orthodox? Yes, certainly. Courageous? Not really, given that they apparently folded at the first sign of trouble. Surrendering to a tyrant is no sign of courage. Obedience is no virtue if it means furthering the “ways of Satan”.

    The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is that good men (and their wives) stop fighting.

    • This is not to do with courage, but obedience.
      A deacon must know, when he starts a blog writing “I am a deacon”, that his bishop may ask him to stop blogging, and at this point he must reflect very seriously whether the world needs his blog so much that he would disobey.
      If he had written an anonymous blog, or a blog not calling on his holy orders, then it would be different. But as things stand I think the decision to comply with the bishop’s wish must be respected.
      No blogger is indispensable. For a blogger who is silenced, God will cause other ten to start blogging. For a deacon who is obedient, perhaps twenty (numbers taken fully at random).
      Padre Pio was subject to injustice, and decided to obey. We do not know if he would have obeyed the command to celebrate the NO,but I think he would have obeyed the command to close his blog.

  3. THE

    (“The martyrs were bound, imprisoned, scourged, racked, burnt, rent, butchered – and they multiplied.” St. Augustine)

    No burning tearing
    Scourging skin
    It’s psychological
    All within.

    No rotting flesh
    Or putrid blood
    It’s sterile clean
    No rancid crud.

    For butchered
    Tortured bound up skins
    Reveals the Truths
    Of Bishops’ sins.

    They want it nice
    They want it hushed
    With veins of ice
    Good souls are crushed.

    The silent cold
    Is better yet
    Frozen solid
    Can’t beget.

    For martyred blood
    Reveals the Church
    Blind souls see Truth
    And end their search.

    “We can’t have that!”
    The Bishops say,
    “So let’s ignore…
    They’ll go away.

    Enlightened men
    Don’t scourge the skin
    Enlightened men
    Keep blood within.”

    But they forgot –
    The woman bleeds
    And monthly makes
    A bed for seeds

    Where nice and hushed
    They’ll grow to men
    And seize the oars
    From wrists that bend…

    On Peter’s Barque
    Where blood still flows
    From woman’s womb…
    The Lily grows!

  4. misericordia2

    Bishop Campbell is a puzzle to me, for he has invited the Institute of Christ the King, who are a traditional priestly order, to take over the running of the iconic church of St. Walburge in Preston. Until now, there have been no regular Sunday Traditional Masses in the Lancaster Diocese. If he is unfriendly to tradition and orthodoxy, as his treatment of Deacon Nick suggests, maybe the institute should think twice before accepting his invitation. Are they about to be exploited?

    • That’s not a puzzle, it’s desperation.

      Campbell would have lost face if he had not found a solution. It would have been a witness of his failure. I have written a blog post in this at the time.


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