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Quo vadis?

Father Carota has another not one, but two stellar blog posts about two actual and very grave issues: the persecution of orthodox priests, and the matter of sacrilegious communion.

As to the first one, the title says it all. Wisely, Father understands that the likes of Father Guarnizo  (see here or here about this great priest) are going to be persecuted more and more for being good Catholic priests. Father Carota says it with the usual frankness: 

It seems that the sinner gets all the support and the priests who live and preach their Catholic faith get thrown under the bus by the Church authorities.

Quite. The new “age of mercy” will only reinforce the already existing trend. I don’t want to think what will happen after the Synod in October. Already there are rumours that the “pastoral approach” will not spare anything; not only Communion, but also the teaching of the Church concerning homosexuals, concubines, & Co.

And in fact – and as I have already noticed – if we live in times of such astonishing hypocrisy that two concubines can be admitted to communion because they pretend to live like “brother and sister” whilst, actually, not only having sex but even openly admitting that they do, there’s nothing to prevent two homosexuals from living together in a “chaste relationship” which obviously isn’t, and demand the sup[port and solidarity of the “community”; hey, let us not let facts get in the way of our “pastoral work”. Mundabor, who are you to judge? It is obvious that in this way there is no teaching of the Church that cannot be transformed in its parody.

Which leads us nicely to the other intervention of Father Carota. In this other post, Father Carota says very succinctly that for which I needed to waste so many ASCII characters:

All the saints say that receiving Holy Communion in the state of Mortal Sins is one of the worst sacrilegious sins one can commit.

Fifty years of “Springtime”, and the very basics have gone lost by most. How many who call themselves Catholics would identify themselves with the statement above, I shudder to think.

Jesus is not the priority anymore. Salvation isn’t really an issue, either. If salvation isn’t an issue, the new priority is to make everyone happy, and let them feel “included”.

It’s so difficult to say “no”. Let’s say “yes” instead. Very “pastoral”.

How did Jesus say? “Think not that I am come to send a sword on earth: I came not to send a sword, but peace.” Erm…. I mean… more or less… (cough)… what was I saying? Oh yes: it’s a fine day!…

More and more Catholic priests will, in the years to come, find themselves in the situation of the picture above.  Not an easy one, I admit. But hey, that’s why they are priests.

Let us pray for good and courageous priests, with the guts of Father Guarnizo and Father Carota. There will not be very many of them, but they are those who will preserve sanity in a Church now rapidly going from being drunk of Modernism to being openly stoned, and proud of it.


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  1. “Already there are rumours that the “pastoral approach” will not spare anything; not only Communion, but also the teaching of the Church concerning homosexuals, concubines, & Co.”

    If it is not now it will be very soon. Divorce is only the first hole in the catholic moral dam. If the Church change that why not change all the points “catholics” presented in the pre-sinod poll?

    • Exactly.

      If being “pastoral” is good enough to hollow the doctrine and make Christ’s rules to something it is fine to violate under the sun in practice, provided one would desire to be able to keep them in theory, then nothing at all can be saved from this reasoning.


  2. Strange enough ,there are at present two ,or more, competing and sometimes clashing ways to look at Christianity .A very famous priest has proudly announced twenty minutes ago on his radio that next week a new book of his will be on sale in Italy , that it will deal about the first year of the new Pontificate , and that a main argument will be the fact that Jesus Christ has at last become important again in the Church since the Bishop of Rome is triumphally in charge. I was astonished :am I living on the Moon? Or is someone trying to kid someone else,
    thinking that there are loads of ‘ minus habentes ‘ or ignoramuses around ? Or it’s just the customary captatio benevolentiae ,so popular in Italy ?

  3. Actually it’s the obstinate, prideful sinner who thinks their sin is fine that the current Church heirarchy fawns over and attacks holy priests for trying to save their souls and honor Christ. It’s definitely the diabolical disorientation run rampant. Only Satan would demand that his demons get the compassion due the truly persecuted Christians. God bless~

  4. If a person believes in good faith what their priest advises them, then is that person morally culpable?

    • My take is: if he knows that what the priest says is wrong and thinks he gets away with it because the priest says so, most certainly yes.

      If he really does not know, it will depend whether he had to know. Say: in what pertains to natural right, God has put the truth inside everyone already, so the priest is no excuse even if one thinks he does not know.


  5. It’s all so unbelievable. Wonder what Benedict thinks. Does he know what is afoot? Is he sorrowful? I would love to know. I respect Benedict, even though he abdicated. When he was pope I felt Christian joy, and felt I could look to Benedict to buttress the faith. I now feel lost, forsaken by the vicar of Christ. I know deep down that Christ will reign victorious, but isn’t the Church experiencing profound darkness?

    How can I belong to a Catholic community of believers when everyone that I know believes, in varying degrees, differently than me? My Catholic acquaintances, and some friends, have drunk deeply of the cup offered by Pope Francis and will heartily abide by any custom that results from the Synod in October. I feel less and less kinship with these Catholics. Should I be worried? Christians are not supposed to practice the faith in isolation. The only place I find like-minded people is on the Internet. I am in a small, back-water liberal diocese which has much rot.

    • Benedict is the one who gave, when he was cardinal, the famous instructions about the “brother and sister” who can have communion if they go where no one knows they live in mortal sin. He is part of the problem not of the solution.

      You are part of the community of believers who has been catholic and believed in catholic truth these past 2000 years. We see ourselves as a community that goes not only through geographical boundaries, but through generations.

      How many apostatise is a problem of the apostates.

      Carry the cross, go to mass, suffer the liberal priest, make communion (I am assuming here Mass and consecration are valid), pray that this mess may end in our lifetime, which it probably won’t.

      God sees and provides.


    • donnaliane72

      I have always known (internally) that Sacrilegious communions were the most offensive sin to God. Seems the Saints agree. Well it stands to reason then that Satan ( through his workers) would promote and encourage sacrilegious Communions.

  6. I think you have summed it up, the new priority is not Jesus or salvation, it is earthly happiness and inclusion. Everyone is saved, no worries be happy.

  7. Thank you for that nugget about it being Benedict who spoke of “brother and sister”. How unseemly that he would advise prospective “brother and sister” communicants to go to a distant locale to recieve. How duplicitous. It seems shadowy and dark and not at all something that could be upheld in the Light of Christ.

    Thanks for the perspective on the Church not being made exclusively of the here and now, but of the saints. Of course I knew that and have devotion especially to the English martyrs but it is good to be reminded of those who went before and suffered far greater than I. Funny, I’ve been invoking JPII as well lately. Being a fellow Slav I’ve asked him to intercede for my intentions and I’ve also chided him about kissing the Koran– asking him isn’t it regrettable that he did and that now he has to make good. I’m asking that he pray for all Muslims that they embrace the Truth of Christ. Some good has got to come out of that Koran kissing! I’m sure at some point posthumously he “got it” and it pierced his heart like a dagger.

    • I think he “got it” before he died an drepented of it, or I do not see how he could be in heaven now. Unless, of course, he was not compos mentis when he did it, which I still think is the most probable hypothesis.


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