The Cartoon Pope

Francis, bubbles (pair with Fran,tears)


This is from the Fishwrap, aka “National Catholic Reporter”. Emphases mine.

No link. Help them go bust. It’s good for their souls. 

Editor’s note: I’d like introduce a new feature, a cartoon strip drawn by NCR contributor and Celebration editor Pat Marrin. Pope Francis has made Catholics and non-Catholics alike look at the papacy and the church through new frames by challenging conventional ideas, protocols and pomposity. It seems Francis himself has recognized the humor inherent in being pope. “Francis,” the strip, picks up on that cue.

Marrin says he hopes “Francis” will remind us “to smile at our often hilarious church, which turns out to be us, from red-hatted cardinals to tennis-shoed activists.

This is what less than fourteen months of Francis have done to the pontificate. It is a personality cult that nourishes itself completely out of the demolition of Catholicism: in Her thinking, in Her praxis, in Her symbols, in Her institutions.

It is as if Francis had taken a huge wrecking ball and were now destroying the Church edifice in front of a satisfied crowd of “Catholics and non-Catholics alike”. They praise him very loud. They never liked the edifice. 

Hilarious? No.

Tragic. Pathetic. Satanical.


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  1. Reminds me of the West Ham song:

    I’m dreaming dreams,
    I’m scheming schemes,
    I’m building castles high.
    They’re born anew,
    Their days are few,
    Just like a sweet butterfly.
    And as the daylight is dawning,
    They come again in the morning.

    I’m forever blowing bubbles,
    Pretty bubbles in the air.
    They fly so high,
    Nearly reach the sky,
    Then like my dreams,
    They fade and die.
    Fortune’s always hiding,
    I’ve looked everywhere,
    I’m forever blowing bubbles,
    Pretty bubbles in the air.

  2. Ah, the Cult of Personality. The Left loves to worship their “heroes” while they live. Neo-Cons love to worship theirs as soon as they are buried. I’ll just stick to worshiping our Lord.

  3. So, when will the animated series be on the air?

  4. So insipid, so measley. What crumbs. Those people have no self respect.

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