UN: Vatican Gets What It Deserves


Should be in every office in Vatican City. Not very likely, though.

Should be in every office in Vatican City. Not very likely, though.


The National Catholic Register (not to be confused with the “Reporter”)  has an article dealing with another of those UN thingies: the Vatican is under attack from them because discriminating against pervs is “torture”, and they are. or might be, therefore in violation of the UN treaties against torture.

I kid you not.

You made your bed, now lie in it, one would say.

When a Catholic Theocracy is so shortsighted that it accepts to become part of UN agreements, bound to duties given to them by the UN, it deserves to be treated this way.

The Vatican, therefore, accepts to be put under official scrutiny by this bunch of bastards and perverts, and will present a report highlighting how they have “sought to comply” with the UN.

Because you see, it’s not only fags. The Church is culpable of “torture” everytime one of her one million religious and priests does something very wrong.  

This century is, without any doubt, the most technologically advanced and the most astonishingly stupid we ever had. 

We have a Pope and Church authorities to match.


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  1. Yes, it would be funny if it wasn’t so sad. On another development, I see now a new film has been released concerning the terrible case of the founder of the Legionaries of Christ and of course implicating Saint John Paul II for negligence. Hot on the heels of the canonizations of course you could just see it coming but in these times we seem to have Church authorities who lack the wisdom and sense that comes from a solid sense of the Catholic Faith. In recent years I have come to see that the-Conciliar popes on the whole were strong leaders and crystal clear doctrinally and the Church thrived under their solid papacies. Even now their encyclicals etc, are more and more referred to for an accurate presentation of Catholic doctrine. By comparison the post-Conciliar popes now seem to me to have been on the whole poor leaders who presided over a meltdown and for whatever reason, even when they recognised and admitted the tragedy, seemed unwilling or unable to rise to the challenge.

    • yes, the pre-conciliar Popes are the one to whom we now go for a solid representation of Catholic truth.
      Ironic, that the old should come to the rescue of the new that wanted the old discarded.


  2. ubipetrusest

    Yes, Mundabor, the Vatican’s stupid decisions are biting back now. I think you meant to write that the Vatican “sought to comply,” not “sought to complain” with the UN.

  3. Mundabor,
    the UN is the central authority of the false “church” of humanity. All sensible Christian nations should leave this body immediately and start their own international association, the United Christian Nations. (This could be done in an ecumenical fashion as serious Christians generally agree on most moral issues relevant to policy and government.) But, of course, given the implicit allegiance of current Church authorities to the church of Man, nothing like this will happen. Instead, the Vatican will continue to grovel before the high clergy of humanism.

  4. Spambot3049.q5fjksr.t90.tja.ji0yj 773

    In defense of the Vatican’s membership in the UN, the UN on occasion gets some things right. In Africa, for example, the UN organized military interventions to separate warring Islamic groups from each and separate warring Christians from Muslims long enough, we hope, for lasting peace to take root. Not everything has gone right, of course. Chadian troops have opened fire on peaceful civilians at least twice, and a UN base was overrun by rioters, but the overall effort seems to be positive. If the Vatican had to protect Catholics from unjust war and drought and flooding without assistance from any other government, I should think it would be a difficult effort, and may require some of us at our computers to fly overseas at our own expense.

    My point is that the Vatican and Catholics put up with these slights from the UN knowing that Church teaching will not change the slightest, but we get some tangible benefits from membership.

    • A broken clock is right twice a day, too.

      As to UN intervention, it is wrong to think they happen because the UN wants so. They happen because powerful countries want so. The UN is truly nowhere to be seen whenever a decision – as opposed to giving a mask to a decision – is taken.

      The evidence for this is so abundant I do not bore you with all the episodes.


  5. At least one of the officers of the UN is a self-confessed witch, who has made sacrifices to Karl Marx. The Church needs to be made aware of this.

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    Ouch. Like a Chinese finger trap. Once you buy in, it’s hard to beg off.

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