Urgent: Put Some Sense Into “Dissent”!

Let's have a survey!

Let’s have a survey!



Father Z has an interesting blog post, alerting us of a mock “survey” now launched by one of those “we are so committed to Catholic Truth, that we want to change it” people.

The survey is here.

It is a thing of one minute or two to go there and provide them with six short Catholic answers to their mock survey, that is very suggestive already in the way it is posed.

Click happily the link to the survey, then, and show these people how proper Catholicism looks like!


Feel free to post here some or all of the answers, too, if you so wish.



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  1. What a silly little survey. I wonder what they’ll think of my use of Tradition with a capital T.

  2. What a ridiculous little survey, and using such idiotic phrases: “There’s trouble in your diocese and the parish is in the streets. Imagine three things that put them there”.

    I replied:

    a) A desire to convert others to the One, True Faith in obedience to Our Lord’s own words;
    b) Corpus Christi processions as were seen in public before Vatican II;
    c) Mass action against abortion.

    Put that in your heroin pipe and smoke it, liberal.

  3. To the first question (what would a reporter find at my ideal Catholic ‘community’) ‘A beautiful traditional Mass with Gregorian chant; people wrapt in quiet attention at the consecration; A kind welcome for newcomers at coffee afterwards.
    To the second question (1 year from now, people are out in the streets-there is trouble in your parish. What woke them up?) I answered: a realization that the warnings of Fatima were coming true; an awareness that our culture cannot survive without prayer; that there will be no visible Catholic church if people do not do penance and pray.
    I think that sums up my responses.

  4. These were my answers to the “Rebuild My Church” survey:


    – Large families who are open to human life and filled with joy.

    – Reverence for Christ Present in the Blessed Sacrament

    – Belief in Heaven and Hell and facing the consequences of our sins


    – A cataclysmic chastisement from God for a world sunk in the mire of moral degradation.

    – The complete corruption of children by our “systems” and they finally say “enough” and begin a resistance

    – The silencing by government of the Catholic conscience and our religious freedoms.

  5. greatpretender51

    This was my answer (cribbed from traditionalcatholic.net): “To use the words of the fathers of Trent, it is certain that the Church “was instructed by Jesus Christ and His Apostles and that all truth was daily taught it by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.” Therefore, it is obviously absurd and injurious to propose a certain “restoration and regeneration” for her as though necessary for her safety and growth, as if she could be considered subject to defect or obscuration or other misfortune. Indeed these authors of novelties consider that a “foundation may be laid of a new human institution,” and what Cyprian detested may come to pass, that what was a divine thing “may become a human church.” Let those who devise such plans be aware that, according to the testimony of St. Leo, “the right to grant dispensation from the canons is given” only to the Roman Pontiff. He alone, and no private person, can decide anything “about the rules of the Church Fathers.” As St. Gelasius writes: “It is the papal responsibility to keep the canonical decrees in their place and to evaluate the precepts of previous popes so that when the times demand relaxation in order to rejuvenate the churches, they may be adjusted after diligent consideration.” [Pope Gregory XVI, Mirari Vos, August 15, 1832.]

  6. What a hack survey written by nincompoops. I answered explicitly that you would know you were at a Catholic liturgy by modestly dressed women and men. Women would be in dresses no shorter than just above the knee and men would be in collared shirts. I said that sandals would be allowed, because Jesus wore sandals. (Aren’t I progressive!) Drat, I forgot to talk about women covering thier heads and communion on the tongue as de rigeur. Next survey…

  7. I did say that the TLM would be standard everywhere in the Catholic world and that the celibate, male priest would face East, toward Christ, the Sun, the Light of the World.

  8. Q #1 (ideal local Catholic community)

    1) Full attendance at all Sunday Masses in the Latin Rite performed with the St. John the XXIII Missal;

    2) Fervent preaching of Roman Catholic Truth according to the Catechism of Trent and a profound attachment and practice of all the teachings contained in Humanae Vitae, with a profound rejection of the culture of death;

    3) Parishioners who believe steadfastly in Divine Revelation and the Magisterium and rejection and or correction of lax clergy or fringe laity who espouse “socialist justice” and secularism as substitutes for the Truth.

    Q #2 (three things that woke up the parish)

    1) attempts by lax clergy to replace Jesus Christ Crucified and Risen with a faux milquetoast “tin Jesus” of secularism and syrupy sentiment;

    2) aggressive secularist proselytizing in the media and culture which was seeping into parish life weakening families and causing diabolical disorientation;

    3) Attempts by recently assigned lax clergy, with aid from fringe lay “catholic” activist parishioners, to substitute Leftist political ideology, therapeutic inanity and secularist mumbo jumbo for the Truth of Catholic teaching.

  9. donnaliane72

    Thanks! I had a lot of fun doing that and it was only short. Plus I was able to perform another spiritual act of Mercy in the process!

  10. Question 1: What does it mean to be Catholic? What would a reporter notice and report on?

    A) The same thing it meant 100 years ago or 1000 years ago or 2000 years ago: to be Catholic is to be a member of the Body of Christ, the Catholic Church, and to accept all of her teachings without exception.

    B) The holy stillness and silence we practice upon entering our Church, knowing that the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Our Lord is really and fully present in the sacrament.

    C) Christ said: “If you love me, keep my commandments”, hence being Catholic means taking the pains to know and understand authentic Catholic teaching as put forth in the Catechism; to read prayerfully the Bible and other books that explain the Faith; to boldly proclaim the Catholic faith and convert as many people as I can to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Faith; to attend Mass regularly on Sundays and Holy days, live a life free from sin, and make frequent confession when I fail to do so.

    Question 2: There’s civil unrest in the diocese. What caused it?

    A) Too much secularism and an abandonment of the things of Christ: rampant homosexuality, unrestrained abortion on demand, a feeling of entitlement among the young, spiritual sloth. All these things conspired to create a mob mentality of licentiousness that one day erupted into anger and rebellion against God and his people, and now they are swarming the streets, taking out their wrath as they were prompted to by their spiritual leader, Satan.

    B) Lying, God-less politicians like Obama, that have promised materially-minded people things he could only deliver to them be stealing from other people. That, coupled with a refusal to uphold immigration laws, led to people who are not truly caring about this country to flood it and flout the laws of this country, resulting in civil unrest.

    C) The government has run out of money to keep paying people who refuse to look for a job, and when they ran out of beer and cigarettes, they decided to raid the local Walmart and steal what they wanted.

  11. Here are my answers:
    “What would a 60 Minuteseporter find at your ideal Catholic community?”
    1: Traditional Latin Mass (Tridentine) the only offered Mass.
    2: Large families, lots of kids, no NFP franchise, no communion for divorced and “remarried”, lots of home-schoolers.
    3: Regular homilies on the intrinsic evil of contraception and homosexuality; the indissolubility of marriage; the Four Last Things; the reality of sin and Hell.

    “What yould get your people out on the streets in anger?”

    1: Any attempt, by anyone, from Pope Francis down, to in any way abrogate “Summorum Pontificum”
    2: Any attempt, by anyone, from Pope Francis down, to introduce a “pastoral solution” allowing concubines (divorced and ‘remarried’, cohabitees) or active homosexuals to receive Holy Communion under any circumstances.
    3: Any attempt by government or the Church, from Pope Francis down, to ban or restrict in any way parents’ rights to home-school their children.

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