“Religiosorum Institutio” And The Catholic Approach To Sexual Perversion

Francis desperately needs some good reading. And thinking. And acting.

Francis desperately needs some good reading. And thinking. And acting.




Advancement to religious vows and ordination should be barred to those who are afflicted with evil tendencies to homosexuality or pederasty, since for them the common life and the priestly ministry would constitute serious dangers.

This come from an important document issues in 1961, “Religiosorum Institutio”, a document written when the Great Mess had been already announced, but the Church still abounded in good, orthodox men not afraid of facts.

Many are the sound points made by this document, and certainly there is no trace of the modern desire to please. This is a document written to be approved by Jesus, not the adulterers in (or rather, outside of) the pews.

Please read carefully the expression above, and take note as follows:

1. Pederasty and homosexuality are put in the same ballpark. This is a point on which this blog continuously insist, and could never insist for long enough.

2. The tendency to homosexuality is called evil, because it is. And it is because homosexuality is evil, exactly as pederasty is evil. It is a madness of the modern, V Ii church, fueled by a mighty homosexual mafia, that the two are now often kept strictly separated, and homosexuality is only mentioned to remind one that the Church “loves the sinner”, at least implying she is fine with his homosexuality. She is not. She cannot be.

Homosexuality cannot be a sin, in the same way as pedophilia cannot be a sin, because only an action can be a sin. But this does not make them less wrong in the least. It is because the tendency is so evil, that the sin is so sharply condemned. And again, this is the first generation that is so stupid that it cannot even make these elementary distinctions, and waxes lyrical saying that fornication is also a sin, therefore the church considers sodomy in the same way as fornication. My foot.

The sin of sodomy cries to heaven for vengeance, ladies and gentlemen. There is a fundamental difference  between sins going with nature, and sins going against nature.  That our generation is so blinded from political correctness that it refuses to see such evident facts – therefore normalising perversion – is another testimony of the way the V II generation is trying to annihilate common sense, and with it every sensus catholicus, in a desperate fight against sanity shared with the secular world, and applauded by it.

It is a great consolation to know what wherever one looks in the Church of the past one finds all the Truth, all the reassurance, all the sound doctrine the present hierarchy is utterly unwilling and, I suspect, even unable to give us. 



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  1. materdolorosa

    This photograph makes my skin crawl.

    • This papacy makes my skin crawl.


    • materdolorosa

      Oh, if we’re talking about this papacy – this papacy give me hives! Or maybe we should say this non-papacy when some days Francis is only the Bishop or Rome, or in occasional phone calls, just Fr. Bergoglio unless someone crosses him (like the SSPX) or a rare cardinal with backbone and then he’s pope and able to judge!

  2. See, to me this is common sense. Would anyone seriously consider appointing a person fighting drug addiction to a pharmacy? By becoming priests these men place themselves in a situation that is, in ‘old fashioned’ speak. an occasion of sin.

    Doesn’t Saint Paul warn in Romans about a loss of reason and God giving people over to a depraved mind? The moral law of God, written in the heart of man, is replaced with cultural immorality.

    • That, and the fact that a perversion of this sort would not make anyone suitable for priesthood, even if he were chaste. How a man of God can go around with such evil inside him is beyond me.

  3. Pope Francis does not even come close to having a sound religious and psychological understanding of sexual perversion regarding the clergy or anyone else. Since this is one of the main problems in society now, Francis seems a poor choice for Pope and certainly this grave flaw of his is also an indication that this choice was not inspired by a good spirit. I noticed he has given a lot of attention to the pro-life activists
    recently, and this seems to be the smoke screen used by bishops to gain conservative approval, at the same time remaining lax or even supportive regarding homosexaul problems in the Church or society. A case in point is Cardinal Dolan of New York who did not fight the same-sex marriage law in NY, using the excuse that he “did not think it had legs”. Conservatives can often be convinced that gay priest and bishop problems are not happening in their vicinity, or that since they are being wined and dined and back-scratched by bishops whose support they need, then the victim /complainers must be nuts. They will then cooperate in every way they can to make them so. These gay games can comprise a good bit of the ‘spirituality’ of a community, unbenounced to the game players themselves, and they form the supportive force needed to propel undeserving clergy up through the ranks until they become our oppressive bishops and cardinals. Surely none of the trouble-making cardinals we have now got where they are or stay there without the support of these types.

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