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If anyone thought he would put him in his pocket, he must now be disappointed: bishop Fellay.

From the DICI website, an interview with Bishop Fellay about what is happening.

As always, this SSPX interview is a joy to read. One compares them with the inane blabber coming from the Vatican, and is ashamed.

Comments and Emphases mine.


“DICI : How did the General Chapter go? How was the mood of the meeting?

Bishop Fellay : It took place in a rather hot atmosphere, since July is a particularly hot month in the Valais! [ nice joke, this one…] But in a very busy schedule, where the members of the Chapter were able to freely exchange ideas, as it befits such a working meeting.

DICI : Were you able to discuss the relations with Rome? Were there any forbidden questions? The dissensions manifested within the SSPX these last moths, have…

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  1. Mundabor,
    If you happen to know this information, I would appreciate your sharing it if it is not confidential. At some point, which I think was about the time Muller arrived as head of the CDF, Fr. Z presented the regularization situation as being in a state of a mutual verbal agreement between Bishop Fellay and Pope Benedict. Was the reason this did not become finalized attributed to Muller, and did Pope Benedict specifically want Muller to head the CDF or was there pressure from somewhere to appoint him?

    • On the right hand side of this blog you will find the possibility of reading the blog posts ordered by months. In the months of, I think, August and September 2012 the agreement seemed done and then vanished. I wrote extensively about it. Not the most glorious page of Pope Benedict, I shall add.


  2. The ‘diabolical disorientation’ prophesied by Our Lady, beginning at Quito and continuing up until Akita and others, has come true, at lightening rapidity. It has taken just five decades, and at this speed, it is very possible indeed that the chastisement foretold at Fatima is close. We know the ‘bishop dressed in white’ will be martyred, and the crisis would be over very soon after. Considering this, is it possible this man might be the next Pope? I think he might be.

  3. I’ve been reading your “Narratives On Hell” (and many others post of yours, all great), and was quite moved by the exchange between reader quiavideruntoculi and yourself. This is really a most excellent blog, Sir. Many prayers are due for your great work, and your readers too.
    My very best wishes for you all!


    Freezing dark
    Wrapped gray chapel
    In a foggy-cold

    But warm inside
    Yellow candles spark
    In the brilliance
    Of the Monstrance bold.

    A distinctive nature
    Knelt in prayer
    A Bishop cast
    In Our Lord’s Own mold.

    He’d never admit –
    Would never dare –
    “Just pray for me.”
    He’d scold.

    But this is a man
    A true Catholic Shepherd
    An Alter Christus
    To behold

    And he will not hunt you
    Like a devouring leopard –
    But lure
    With his Fisherman’s Gold!

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