A Tale Of Two Buildings

Average age of these two: a tad below the one of the Jesuits.



Rorate Caeli has two interesting posts which, in fact, touch on the same subject: Modernism is hemlock for religious communities, and orthodoxy is their very bread.

The first post is about the Paulists, an order which, only a few decades after adopting a “modern” stance in Church things, went from being robustly prospering to… having to sell their seminary.

Good riddance. May their impending extinction be a cautionary tale for every sound Catholic, and let’s hope the Jesuits go the same way soon. The future centuries will remember the massacre of religious orders after V II as the just punishment for their haughtiness and insolence.

The second post is about the prospering Abbey of Fontgombault, that continues to create new communities or, again, overtake V II ones, staying faithful to their conviction of bringing the Traditional Mass wherever they go, or rather expand. The image of the old, dying members of the Abbey of Wisques celebrating the NO whilst the younger saviours of the monastery celebrate the TLM is a sad, even pathetic, but very accurate portrait of what will probably happen in the Church at large in the next few decades, as the Bergoglios of the world take position in the only place where they will no longer be a threat: six feet under.

It must be noted, here, that the Abbot of Fontgombault goes out of his way to avoid saying one single word against V II, or making even half reflection as to why they overtake other communities, and not vice versa. The Abbot must have grasped that in the Age of Mercy the only way to be spared is to avoid the New Sin That Shall Not Be Forgiven: criticism of V II.

Still, there is no denying orthodoxy and traditionalism have the keys of the future. The Francis of the world will at some point get out of the way and, in time, their followers will become unable to control the wave of orthodoxy that will sweep the, by then, vastly reduced ranks of the Church.

The Church is Indefectible and we need therefore not be worried about Her. But this huge tsunami of stupidity that has been impacting the Western emisphere for now 50 years will leave a huge trail of destruction behind itself. A destruction that has been going on under our very eyes for a long time now and continues to march undisturbed as our hierarchy, with stubbornness worthy of the Politburo, not only continue to deny the decay but even try to depict it as a great moment in a Church history. Perhaps not even the Politburo is here a valid comparison. Perhaps, North Korea might be more to the point.




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  1. Kudos to the Catholics of Fontgombault , but I ‘m already smelling the stench of the rat not far from them. The Italian experience of the last year suggests me that no lack of criticism of Vatican will spare them from persecution and possible destruction. The charge of ‘criptolefebvrism ‘ is ready for anybody at any moment. Do they celebrate TLM ? Bad ,very bad .Their future is in peril. Let’s hope in a supernatural protection from the KGB of the nearest to them Politbiuro . They need ,as Christ said, prayer and fast.

    • Yes, the risk is there. On the other hand, as long as V II is not criticised it might be counterproductive for the Destroyer to point his cannons in their direction.


  2. Exactly right again. That is why I said on your other post that it would be good if SSPX were “unofficially” recognised. I don’t think there is any danger to SSPX….they will not be bullied into submission…..but time and nature and the TRUTH will take their course….The Church will get back on track….eventually. I suspect the powers that be know really….they are just hedging their bets and waiting to see which way the wind blows….and it will blow in a Traditional direction. 🙂

  3. One would also note that the SSPX are building an enormous seminary in Virginia. Called St. Thomas Aquinas…you can’t get more traditional than that.

    • Yes, some time ago I posted a video.

      It impressed me that in the video they did not mention money once. It seems money is just not the issue, and they will be able to mobilise whatever resources they need.

      God bless them all.


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