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Off-The-Cuff Comment

The UN Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon meets Pope Francis and says how impressed he was from his desire to fight poverty, & Co.

It impresses me no one who meets Francis ever says he was impressed by the profound spirituality of an obvious man of God.

Pope Pius XII could have never been confused with the Secretary General of the UN.

If Francis and Ban-Ki Moon were to swap places, not many would notice any difference.


Bibliolatry, Papolatry, And Rotting Cabbage.

I wish it could throw foul cabbage over the Vatican.

Father Z has a rather blunt article, containing a rather vivid illustration of the way the Kaspers of the world – crucially, up to the very top; which includes Francis – should be treated by faithful Catholics if they go, well, Kaspering around.

This kind or remark is extremely salutary, because we live in times in which every day seems to bring more chaos than the preceding and less than the following one.

When one lives in times in which a Cardinal can say that the Pope has stated that 50% of marriages might be invalid, and everyone realises Francis might really have said it, because there is almost nothing he would not be able to say, then you know that it is time to keep the rotting cabbage at the ready.

Now, the question here is not whether Francis really has, or has not, said something of the sort. It is, rather, that he brought the Papacy down to a level of such ridicule and disrepute that there is no piece of nonsense that would cause the faithful to state, as one man, “this must be nonsense, the Pope cannot have said any rubbish like that”.

I am sorry to disappoint you, but rubbish Popes will produce rubbish. This is where we are now. If you can't see it, I question your sound judgment.

An interesting question might then arise from Proddie, or ex-Proddie quarters: “I was told”, the argument could go “that I have to trust that the Bishops and the Pope hold the Catholic faith. If I were to realise this is not the case, then the sola scriptura proponent are, surely, right?”

No, they aren't. They are most certainly wrong. A converted ex-Protestant who would reason in this way would have to realise he has been substituting Bibliolatry for Papolatry, but still without getting what Catholicism is about; what, in one word, makes it True beyond the fashion of the ages and the vagaries of human nature.

The Pope is not the maker of Truth. Not in any way, shape or form. Catholic Truth existed before the first Pope, and will exist after the last one. The Pope is a custodian; or, if you prefer, a caretaker of Truth. Nothing of the edifice of the Church belongs to him; of nothing pertaining of Truth can he dispose; he will have to give a very exacting account of how he has disposed of Truth, exactly because this Truth has never, nor could ever, belong to him.

The Proddies aren't wrong at all in saying that there is a superior Truth that men cannot change; where they are wrong – and it is a huge mistake, but this post is not about that – is in their wanting to find this Truth exclusively in the Bible, to the exclusion of Sacred Tradition; thus imagining a building that begins from, say, the third floor, with nothing to keep it in place below.

But Papolatry, a most dangerous heresy in our time, is just as bad and just as dangerous. Papolatry disposes of Truth according to the will of the Pope of the day. But if the Pope can do what he wills with the Truth, then there is obviously no Truth. On the contrary, the Pope exists exactly because there is a Truth superior to him, that he has the task to protect; a task for which task he will be called to give, as already stated, a very detailed and demanding account; a task without which there would have been no Pope in the first place, with Jesus simply handing down a manual to the Apostles saying “learn it well, because in two weeks you will be examined; yes, Judas, you too…”.

I do not judge the Truth according to Popes and Cardinals. I judge Popes and Cardinals according to the Truth. I will (have to) insist on this rather often in future, because I think the point must be hammered into blogdom with extraordinary frequency if we want – from our human perspective at least – to avoid that the multitude of sheep baa their way into a judgment of rather uncertain outcome.

Whenever the BoR takes out his rubbish and spreads it all over Catholicism he is, to all intent and purposes, asking you – yes, you; no, really, you! – to buy his rubbish and get rid of the Truth. You cannot buy Francis' rubbish without effectively betraying the Truth the BoR has been “modernising” (that's what Modernists do), and substituting it with a highly radioactive novelty of fashionable, if disgusting, odour of heresy, heathenism, socialism, and freemasonry. All of which, hopefully, due to sheer idiocy. An idiocy whose evil effects might be if not neutralised, at least reduced by a carpet bombing of rotting cabbage.

Stay near, then, to both the Truth and the rotting cabbage. There might soon be great need for both.



Before The Battle

Grima was, clearly, in favour of unity.

I have already written about the battle lines slowly but surely forming before the impending disgrace of October's Extraordinary Synod.

Today I read two news directly related to the event; one ominous, one half-way encouraging.

The bad news (which you can read everywhere) is that it appears a made decision that Paul VI ( the man whose miracle consists in avoiding a “danger” that never became real; yours truly is, like countless others, one for whom doctors had foreseen a grave danger of serious malformations; and I have already expressed my now founded hopes for my own beatification) will be beatified on the final day the October Synod. One wonders if this is not a way to underline, with another alleged show of God's favour for the madness of V II, the start for real of “phase II” of the Springtime. All on the same day; a true Modernist double whammy. Deus le volt, the wrong way.

The good news is that, as we read (in English) from the Eponymous Flower, two prominent Cardinals have officially joined the ranks of the Anti-Kasperites. You may want to follow the link and read the details there. Please note Cardinal Bassetti has a lot to lose, as he appears slated for the very powerful position of head of the Italian Bishops' Conference. He does not seem to put his ambitions before his duty. Let's hope it lasts.

That there will be battle, is clear. The problem is how hard the right side will be ready to fight, considering that Francis has already given his “officially unofficial” support to Cardinal Kasper, is less clear; Francis supports Kasper in a relatively (for the great public) subtle way, true; but still in a way sufficient to let all the insiders who have ears hear and know where he stands.

Let us not kid ourselves on this: the odds of faithful Catholics on this one appear fearful. With every passing week it appears more evident a climate of expectation is being built, to disappoint which would be considered, from the numerous Grima Wormtongues, not pastoral, uncharitable, or fuelling the risk of “schism”. At this point, Francis The Merciful could intervene and save the Catholic world from impending catastrophe as he collects more headlines as the man daring to go where no Pope before him, no matter how stupid or evil, dared to go.

I say all this not because I enjoy being the bearer of bad news – as a rule, I am the eternal optimist -, but because I very much fear the effect that the, very probably, obscene events in October might have on the faith of Catholics of less than robust faith and solid instruction.

What wil happen in October will only be a litmus test to gauge the corruption of the present Church and her betrayal of Christ's Truth. But no extent of corruption and betrayal can change either the nature of the Church, or of the Truth she is called to defend.

To use a strong image, the Bride of Christ, Mother Church, as she operates on this earth – meaning: in the men who run Her down here, in her earthly appearance – may have transformed herself in something resembling a slut, and she may be possibly on the brink of becoming an outright whore, or rather a camera-loving porn actress. But degraded as she is in her earthly manifestation, Bride and Mother she still is. The son who discovers that her mother has become an aged porn actress has all the rights to criticise her sharply in public for her shame; but he will continue to love her, to pray for her, to hope that it may be given to him to see the day she is reformed. Many were, in the past, the “slutty phases” of the earthly Church: the Arian mess, the great corruption around the Millennium, the licence and abuse of the Renaissance, or the irreligiousness of the XVIII century. Never has Jesus abandoned Her. Let us do the same.

Before the battle, the odds are fearful.

But God will see the fight, and He will remember on which side everyone of us was.



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