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Cardinal Kasper Says He Has Been Either A Saint Or A Fornicator

Screwtape was very satisfied with the Cardinal


Speaking of ‘remarried’ couples who live together as “brother and sister,” Kasper told the magazine, “I have high respect for such people. But whether I can impose it is another question. But I would say that people must do what is possible in their situation.”

“We cannot as human beings always do the ideal, the best. We must do the best possible in a given situation,” he said.

“It’s a heroic act, and heroism is not for the average Christian,” he added.

Thus spake Kasperthustra, the man who is inventing a new religion perfectly tailored for the need of his German punters.

Let us reflect on what the man is saying: chastity can only be observed in case of heroic virtues; that is, by earthly saints on their way to heaven.

Therefore, the Cardinal is saying that not only every priest, but he himself has been in his younger years either a saint or a Fornicator.

His words, not mine.




Spot The Pope

The Enviro-Pope


The signals are multiplying the Bishop of Rome might be about to join the ranks of Environ-Mentalism. Which, considering the man, isn't much of a surprise.

Now: everyone loves kitten, beautiful sunsets, and the environment; I have also never heard anyone saying we should have more smog and less forests. Where I start having a huge problem is when either of these two situations happen:

1. The BoR think he can take Jesus as hostage to say that Capitalism is so very bad because it “damages the environment”. Can't remember a single word of Jesus about that. If I have missed it, for two thousand years Christians have happily been doing the same, wisely using the world God has made for them instead of thinking that they are the problem, and the Earth pretty much the main object of Christ's concern. Can't wait for some clerical faggot telling us it is against the “spirit” of Jesus' teaching to eat meat.

Flash news: one day, not one planet will exist anymore. But not one soul that has ever been created will cease to exist. This gives some idea about God's priorities. Yes, we need the planet, and we prefer a beautiful planet. But the Planet is there to serve us, not the other way round.

This Maradiaga-UN-Francis attitude is a socialism, or anti-capitalism, via the backdoor and with the excuse of Christianity. It is a further step towards taking heaven out of Christianity and making of it a man-made religion meant to satisfy purely earthly concerns and desires, and stupid ones at that. This attitude is so like Francis, that I consider it very probable that the announced Encyclical about the “environment” will touch upon this subject in the accustomed superficial, populist, and utterly stupid manner.

2. The BoR (in hypothesis) rapes Christianity to the point of even taking stance in favour of the “man-made global warming” theory; which besides having been showed a ridiculous scam for retarded children meant to feed an army of “scientists” with tenures and privileges has also been, until some years ago, a favourite weapon of the modern champagne Viet Cong troops. The BoR would certainly reach new depths of ridicule if he were to lend what credibility he has left to his office to this sectarian, protocommunist, nutcase, utterly un-scientific madness.

Only an Atheist can think men could destroy the Earth, God's creation. Only an idiot could think God's Creation has a massive planning deficit and is now endangered by… more souls being born, and these souls living more prosperous lives. Only a very naive person fails to recognise in the corruption in the Third World – particularly Africa – the main reason of them remaining “third world”.

I wonder if Bergoglio has any faith left in him. All his thinking and acting squares perfectly – but the very rare speeches in front of a specialised audience – with an atheist, and very socialist, view of the world.

We will see what the Encyclical Letter contains; but it seems difficult to think a Pope who surrounds himself with the likes of Cardinal Maradiaga can write or think anything even vaguely intelligent on the subject.

The exploitation of Christianity to push a secular agenda is always a shame. The exploitation of Christianity to push a sectarian ideology for sandal-wearers and assorted pot-smokers is an even bigger shame. But the support of a Pontiff for such madness would, in this particular Shame Contest, certainly take the biscuit.



More On The Francis Effect.

The Seminary wasn't doing as fine as he had hoped...


Jorge Bergoglio was, for a number of years, at the head of a Jesuit seminary.

It strikes me as odd no professional journalist has made a serious research as to what happened in that particular seminary under Bergoglio's tenure. You know, the crude numbers: how many left the seminary in those years, how many got in. How many of those who got in left the seminary, and how many of those who became priests left the priesthood; how many (if any) grew to great holiness and how many (if any) were convicted for sexual misconduct. Things like that.

I have more than a vague feeling that such numbers, if they were available, would not be very flattering for “Mr Francis Effect”. Mind, I do not doubt even during those times he was liked only by those who hate Catholicism, and I allow myself to doubt he did anything else than destroying as much of it as he was allowed to.

Or you can see it from the contrary argument: has it ever been noticed that during his tenure there was a resurgence of solid vocations among Argentinian Jesuits? A new Catholic Renaissance? Was this seminary a beacon of Catholic evangelisation?

Thought not….

The same kind of work should be undertaken for Bergoglio's tenure in the two dioceses he has so humbly administered. Vocations? Mass attendance? What do we know about the figures of his work there?

You see, after experiencing fourteen months of Bergoglio on our skin, one has the persistent suspicion that the Francis Effect has, in fact, always been there.

Only, it has always been an unmitigated disaster.



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