Cardinal Kasper Says He Has Been Either A Saint Or A Fornicator

Screwtape was very satisfied with the Cardinal


Speaking of ‘remarried’ couples who live together as “brother and sister,” Kasper told the magazine, “I have high respect for such people. But whether I can impose it is another question. But I would say that people must do what is possible in their situation.”

“We cannot as human beings always do the ideal, the best. We must do the best possible in a given situation,” he said.

“It’s a heroic act, and heroism is not for the average Christian,” he added.

Thus spake Kasperthustra, the man who is inventing a new religion perfectly tailored for the need of his German punters.

Let us reflect on what the man is saying: chastity can only be observed in case of heroic virtues; that is, by earthly saints on their way to heaven.

Therefore, the Cardinal is saying that not only every priest, but he himself has been in his younger years either a saint or a Fornicator.

His words, not mine.




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  1. Would that Cardinal Kasper had been around at the time of Henry viii. He could have explained to St. John Cardinal Fisher, St. Thomas More and all those martyred monks that there was no need to lose their lives if only they would behave in a more pastoral manner. Problem solved.

    • And come on, did he really, really, really mean to marry Catherine of Aragon? We don’t think so, do we? I mean, he did want to marry a wife who would give him a son! Therefore, not her! It stands to reason!


  2. Kasper is a creature of Benedict XVI – note Ratzinger’s conclusions:

    Click to access ratzinger-indissolubility-marriage.pdf

    I was surprised and perhaps should not have bee.

  3. Well I know what I was and I know what I am now and I know which I prefer- for all eternity.
    Chastity- he should try it!!

  4. Una voce , that is a 1972 document of Ratzinger the theologyan. After beeing in charge of the CDF, discuss with JPII the familiaries consortio wrote a new similar document with very different conclusions. I think you can find it at Is from 1998.

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