More On The Francis Effect.

The Seminary wasn't doing as fine as he had hoped...


Jorge Bergoglio was, for a number of years, at the head of a Jesuit seminary.

It strikes me as odd no professional journalist has made a serious research as to what happened in that particular seminary under Bergoglio's tenure. You know, the crude numbers: how many left the seminary in those years, how many got in. How many of those who got in left the seminary, and how many of those who became priests left the priesthood; how many (if any) grew to great holiness and how many (if any) were convicted for sexual misconduct. Things like that.

I have more than a vague feeling that such numbers, if they were available, would not be very flattering for “Mr Francis Effect”. Mind, I do not doubt even during those times he was liked only by those who hate Catholicism, and I allow myself to doubt he did anything else than destroying as much of it as he was allowed to.

Or you can see it from the contrary argument: has it ever been noticed that during his tenure there was a resurgence of solid vocations among Argentinian Jesuits? A new Catholic Renaissance? Was this seminary a beacon of Catholic evangelisation?

Thought not….

The same kind of work should be undertaken for Bergoglio's tenure in the two dioceses he has so humbly administered. Vocations? Mass attendance? What do we know about the figures of his work there?

You see, after experiencing fourteen months of Bergoglio on our skin, one has the persistent suspicion that the Francis Effect has, in fact, always been there.

Only, it has always been an unmitigated disaster.



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  1. “A presently serving provincial of another Latin American country and one of the most senior figures in the Society of Jesus confided his negative views in an e-mail quoted by Paul Vallely, in his new biography, Pope Francis: Untying the Knots (2013):

    Yes, I know Bergoglio. He’s a person who’s caused a lot of problems in the Society and is highly controversial in his own country … As Provincial he generated divided loyalties: some groups almost worshipped him, while others would have nothing to do with him … He left the Society of Jesus in Argentina destroyed [and] we have spent two decades trying to fix the chaos that the man left us … It will be a catastrophe for the Church to have someone like him in the Apostolic See.”

    • greatpretender51

      This is also posted on RC this morning. Good – keep up the pressure on Pope Whatsis the Red-Nosed.

  2. donnaliane72

    I had wondered as much myself but thought the answer would be a foregone conclusion. Well written! But I don’t think your caption is too realistic. He isn’t hoping for any seminary to “do fine”. I think he is deliberately destroying all that he can ( for motives known only to him)! My reading of the man is that he is very happy at his work and chomping at the bit to achieve more!

  3. victura1007 .

    I’m sure he’s an Arrupist through and through. On fire to build a man’s world. The latest comments about an international effort to confiscate more wealth and spread it around more equitably just make it obvious. His Marxist economic views are now exposing the Church to further accusations of hypocrisy, e.g., how about selling the Pieta and giving the money to the poor?, and there’s really no good response given how obsessive his focus on the materially poor, whom Christ said we would always have with us, is.

    • I should write a blog post on the latest Che Guevarian statements of the Destroyer, but I am now in the cooling phase.
      Next week, I hope.

      I must make an habit of saying the prayer to St Michael everytime I hear about him.


  4. Dont they have diocesan year books in Argentina…..surely some one in Argentina couls access the numbers quite easily. ..!!!

    • Yes, if they are open to the public or a journalist is given access, I think it would be a doddle as far as the dioceses are concerned. The seminary should also not be secretive, as the figures will certainly help Francis’ ongoing beatification…


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