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Take The #NoZilla Pledge And #DumpFirefox


Take The #NoZilla Pledge and #DumpFirefox.

In seven languages.

Easy-to-follow instructions. 

With email wording at the end.

As I write this, the count is above 75,000. 


Sentire Cum Diabolo









Excellent video of Louie Verrecchio, that points out the extent to which a large part of our Catholic clergy (Verrecchio is different from Voris, so he does state very clearly that this includes the Bishop of Rome) are unable to think like sound Catholics.

The problem here is not directly Francis. Francis is only a symptom of a disease that has been going on since V II. Francis could only become Pope because too many Cardinals have no idea anymore of what a Pope is supposed to do, and what he is supposed to be. The Cardinals themselves are the products of clerical ranks that are, on average, not better than themselves. Out of rubbish you are not going to get perfume. Out of rubbish priests you will get Bishop Rubbish, Cardinal Rubbish and, in time, Pope Rubbish. 

Fittingly, Verrecchio makes another consideration I would wish my readers would commit to memory for future use: the “ecclesia” in sentire cum ecclesia is not the majority of today, but the way Catholicism has been properly felt by Catholics through the generations. The Church we look to is the Church that has transmitted to us the Tradition we are supposed to defend and transmit to the following generations. We aren’t Presbyterians.

The extent of the confusion (or evil intent) of the modern times is shown by the following words of Father Stranski: 

“We had to start a completely new Tradition”.

This is not father Stranski being gaga, this is the Church hierarchy going gaga. Neither he, nor they, saw or see how stupid their words are.  They don’t see it, because they are it. Unless they are even worse, of course. 

Today, the audience laughs at Father’s jokes. They don’t understand they themselves are the joke. Sentire cum diabolo


We are being punished. I consider a blessing that some of us at least realise it.  Father Stranski apparently does not, and seems decided to go to his grave thinking he has “had to start an entirely new Tradition”.

Father Stranski, I pray the day I die I will not be like you.


Trannie, But Not Very “Gay”…

Mundabor's Blog

It was widely believed the email below did not come from any of the girls. It was widely believed the email below did not come from any of the girls…

“Are you drunk, sicko get the f*** out of my inbox it’s midnight. You expect me to show up there after you told me I could face discrimination from you flock of subhuman morons? F*** you. You’re lucky you haven’t been served with a human rights notice. F****** Nazi c*** s***** f*****. You know you gotta be pretty f***** naive to believe the filthy b******* you spread. Do the world a favor and go kill yourself. Your f***** family too.

Master of theology master of F****** b*******. Must be proud.

Creepy pedopriest”


This is the content of an email sent from a trannie to a Catholic priest obvisouly trying to save the trannie’s soul. Father Z has the story.

Let us just say I couldn’t even fill all the asterisks, but then again I…

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Sentire Cum Francisco: The Alternative Blessed Virgin Reblog

The Alternative Blessed Virgin.


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