Take The #NoZilla Pledge And #DumpFirefox


Take The #NoZilla Pledge and #DumpFirefox.

In seven languages.

Easy-to-follow instructions. 

With email wording at the end.

As I write this, the count is above 75,000. 


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  1. There is also a way to block Firefox users to enter to your site: http://whyfirefoxisblocked.com

    I put that script on my own blog, modified so Firefox users are prevented and sent to an alternative #nozilla page I have created like a bin.

  2. Dump Firefox and use what, Chrome? Google basically does the same and worse they are the dominant browser company. There’s no escape.

    • There is.
      If there are two bastards and you punch one hard on the nose, you have punished one bastards and have motivated the other to be less of a bastard, less he should be the next bastard to be punched on the nose.

      Your position is, on the contrary, helping every bastard to be a bastard, because “there’s no escape”.


    • The thing to do is to switch to Pale Moon. Pale Moon is built on the Firefox program, and is made by one person – not by a politically-correct corporation. Unfortunately, Pale Moon identifies itself as Firefox as you go around the web. Here is how to change that so Pale Moon identifies itself as Pale Moon (and not as Firefox).

      Since no one will care, much less actually do it, I will post only brief instructions:

      in the Location Bar of Pale Moon (where the web address such as https://mundabor.wordpress.com typically goes) type–> about:config

      you will see a search box, type or paste into that–> compatMode.firefox

      you will see only one line, which says–> general.useragent.compatMode.firefox

      right click that line and choose–> Toggle

      that line has changed from True to False which means your web visits will no longer give credit to Firefox

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