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The Pope And The Martians

Please, take him away...

The Bishop of Rome has just stated if Martians were to land on the Earth and ask for Baptism, he would not refuse. I am assuming he means “if they believe in God and want to be good Christians”; but I ain't sure, either.

My reflection is, though, another one.

If the Martians were to land on earth and say “we desire to be baptised because we believe all that the Church believes and profess all that the Church professes, and are therefore persuaded that outside of the Only Church there can be no salvation….”

Would Francis still want to baptise them?



Meet Francis, The Presbyterian Pope

“When the Lord shows us the way, who are we to say, 'No, Lord, it is not prudent! No, lets do it this way'…

“The Holy Spirit is the living presence of God in the Church. He keeps the Church going, keeps the Church moving forward. More and more, beyond the limits, onwards. The Holy Spirit with His gifts guides the Church. You cannot understand the Church of Jesus without this Paraclete, whom the Lord sends us for this very reason. And He makes unthinkable choices, but unimaginable!

Francis, the Bishop of Rome, May 2014.

Every time we think that, surely, Francis cannot sink lower than he just did with his latest statements; and every time we are forced to change our mind; albeit, optimists as we are, still thinking that now, surely, it cannot get worse? Alas, with the Destroyer nothing seems impossible, but his conversion to Catholicism.

Francis' most recent statements are so brazenly heretical, that no follower of Francis can have any excuse anymore, or be in any kind of doubt, that to agree with Francis is to deny Christ.

It has always been an obvious corollary of Christianity that Truth cannot change. Truth cannot change because God cannot change. God cannot change because every concept of change is in the most blatant contradiction with God's perfection.

If Truth changes, the Gospels have gone off and must be discarded like those strange things we single men find, every now and then, at the bottom of the fridge. If Truth changes, not one single words of the Bible, be it Old or New Testament, can be relied to have the meaning and import Catholicism traditionally attributed to it. If Truth changes, dogmatic statements like the Creeds have no authority anymore, because change is evidently not compatible with dogmas. If Truth changes, Jesus is a fraud and a charlatan, because his emphatic statement that He is the Truth flies in the way of this Truth being, given time, obviously untrue. If Truth changes, Christianity does not make any sense, and we can happily go back to adoring trees, natural phenomena, or fantasy creations who spend their existence plotting and fornicating in some distant but rather pleasant place.

All this escapes Francis, the Presbyterian Pope.

His statements become more and more brazen; his defiance of the basic Truths of Christianity is now made in the open. If Satan were Pope, he would speak exactly as Francis does: sowing confusion, sabotaging Christianity and denying Truth every time he can, with a frequency that now knows no interruption, with an insolence that now knows no boundaries.

Read again his words above. He is saying, for everyone who has ears to hear, that there are no limits to the novelties he wants to introduce. He is preparing unthinkable changes. More and more, beyond the limits.

These are interesting times for Michael Voris, for sure.

The new Papal mantra is as clear as the sun: the “Spirit” is speaking, (to him, of course: the Humble Anointed) and both he and, obviously, we must not “close the door” to it. If you accept this, you have ipso facto thrown Christianity away from the window, exactly as Francis does. I suspect this strange “spirit” speaks to Francis through wine or grappa, because sober people who use their brains know all I have explained above, and would never have the blasphemous insolence of thinking Truth is at their disposal with no better excuse than this mysteriously blowing wind of the “spirit”, and or that Truth would have any need to “move forward”', “beyond the limit”, “onward”. He expresses himself with the trite rhetoric of a motivational speaker at the salesmen convention of some smartphone producer.

If Francis does not “hear the spirit” whilst drunk, which is not to be excluded, then he must most certainly be listening to Satan himself, who is whispering in his hear how very popular he will become if he decides that hey: the Spirit has spoken: who are we to judge? And lo and behold: the way is open for any heresy and any blasphemy.

Or perhaps Francis has, in an extreme effort of Clericalism, appointed himself the new Sibylla Cumana of Christianity. God speaks to him, and tells him “we must change everything, Buddy. Glad I am able to speak to you, because your predecessors were either completely, or almost completely deaf. Myself, what a cool guy you are!”

The insolence, the shamelessness, the sheer blasphemy of this man is breathtaking. Open your eyes, read his statements again, and realise how serious the situation is. Now it's simply Francis against God.

It is very clear that this Pope – be it because he is stupid, or evil, or both – is a direct threat to the salvation of Catholics, and a further threat to the salvation of other Christians. He is the Public Enemy Number One of Catholicism, a menace compared to which even Obama appears an amateur.

It is as if the Brigate Rosse had, in the Seventies, reached all the top positions of the Italian institutions; but few would have objected to it because hey: you don't criticise the President, the Prime Minister or the Presidents of Camera and Senato.

The Pope himself is working every day towards the destruction of Catholicism. The Enemy is among us and has, if you allow the comparison, reduced King Theoden to his willing idiot – or to his evil idiot – as his minions, like Grima Kasper and Wormtongue Maradiaga, whisper to his ear words of betrayal and surrender.

I have not lived those ages, but it seems to me that the threat represented by this man is slowly rising to the level of Pope Liberius, or Pope John XXII. True, Francis is not thinking – at least for now – of making any heretical wannabe “dogmatic statement”; but It is obvious the unthinkable is not really unthinkable for him, and I wonder what would be worse. In the case of an heretical “dogmatic” statement we would know the Pope is actually not such, and we could happily ignore both the statement and the man; whereas in the case of a subversive Pope you are stuck with the reality that the Pope is evil, but he is still Pope; a reality not many, in these times of poor instruction, can cope with.

Francis is, as the October Synod slowly approaches, throwing away the mask. He will get into it telling to everyone that “the Spirit is speaking” in some mysterious way known to him alone, but we must not keep “the Spirit” (read: Francis' heresies) out. Bar a divine intervention, it is clear to me he will have his way. The choir of the helpers will be deafening. The sheep will willingly baa. Most bloggers will applaud. The secular press will be delighted. The world will embrace him. The Church will receive a wound worse still than during the French Revolution, and perhaps almost as bad as the Arian heresy.

Once again, realise the genesis of Francis' heresies: this man is entirely secular in his thinking, in his talking, in his outlook. He is a Socialist with a white habit. He will trample everything that goes against his agenda of Socialism for the world, and popularity for himself.

To Francis, Christianity is an excuse. He isn't more Christian than Obama. Let us say it again: I doubt he believes in God. He certainly has no fear of Him.

You have no excuses: it's Francis or Christ.

Pick your side well.



The Sellout Pope

Jorge Bergoglio, here in a rare image from the Sixties.

I needed a couple of days to calm down after reading Francis' latest statement about wealth redistribution. The fact is, it becomes more and more difficult to keep calm when writing about Francis, as the brazen shamelessness of this man becomes more evident and more arrogant with every passing month.

This time, Francis gave us another example of how he has sold himself so much to every possible earthly fashion, that he has become – or pretends to have become – unaware of where Catholicism ends and where earthly fads begin.

This time, the Pope calls for “redistribution”, and in his arrogance and/or stupidity has the insolence of calling poor Zacchaeus as a witness for his clearly Socialist agenda.

If Francis had read the Gospel anytime after leaving the Seminary, he would remember that:

1. Zacchaeus' donations are entirely voluntary, which is exactly the contrary of the wealth redistribution advocated by the Destroyer.

2. Zacchaues remains hugely wealthy even after said donations, thus perpetuating in front of Jesus' very eyes a situation against which Francis calls to action.

3. Jesus does not demand from Zacchaeus that he makes any specific donation.

4. In general, Jesus never calls for forced, state-induced “wealth redistribution”. He does not even call for income taxes. If you think he forgot you must be drunk, retarded, or the Bishop of Rome.

It is obvious that, in this issue like in many others – I have written very recently about environmental ones – Francis thinks like the world, because he is one of the world. The following of every stupid secular trend is so natural to him, because he is so naturally, and so stupidly, wordly. It is not that he is imperfectly aware of the fact that he is mixing the wordly with the otherworldly. It is that to him, the otherworldly does not count in the first place, and is there merely to be used as an excuse for his purely secular agenda.

Francis is, very simply, unable to think and act like a Christian. His entire work is directed towards down here: social justice, environment, popularity. I doubt he believes in God. He certainly has no shred of fear of the Lord.

Whatever is in the way of Francis' earthly goals, must give way. The Sacraments are obstacles. Doctrinal orthodoxy is for Pharisees. Charity must make place for forced redistribution through taxation. Environmentalism must be smuggled as a Christian idea.

This is as if Stalin were explaining Christianity to the members of the Politburo.

Everything, in Francis, is meant to satisfy earthly needs and earthly desires. He does not even stop in front of adultery, and it is therefore to be expected that he should not stop in front of Socialism.

The Lord is giving us, day in and day out, the opportunity to choose between Himself and the senseless heretical rubbish of this deluded old man. By allowing Francis to be put in the position of Pope He, at the same time, punishes and tests us.

He punishes us by allowing to Francis (and perhaps to his successors) to inflict on us an overdose of V II madness, so that the lesson may endure for many centuries to come. But he also tests us, because the scandals given by Francis are so evident that no sound Catholic can avoid being scandalised, and those who aren't have obviously chosen Francis and the world rather than Christ and his Church. A Church, I remind you, unchanged in her “excessive doctrinal security” whatever Francis may say of it; as solid as a block of granite in spite of all the pathetic attempt of the man to let you think otherwise; and that will crush him like a worm when the time of our well-deserved punishment has finally come to an end.

Choose this day on which side you are, because it is abundantly clear you can only be on the side of Christ or on the side of Francis.

Guess who will be crushed.



Sausages, Beards, And Stupid Popes

Wurst in German means “sausage” and it is certainly not a coincidence that the drag queen who just won the Eurovision contest chose it as part of his, ahem, nom de saucisson.

Mister Sausage has, then, won. Carried, no doubt, but a mixture of the traditional attraction of the working class for freaks, and the newly discovered feeling that it be in some way cool to support a trannie, or whatever the faggot in question is.

What emerges is a world rapidly marching towards de-Christianisation: a traditionally Catholic Country like Austria picking a drag queen for a vocal competition, and the rest of Western Europe abandoning itself to the now usual orgy of cheap, voyeuristic goodism.

Why such stupidity? Because official stupidity has become so mainstream that it is endorsed not only by stupid politicians, but our very own, very stupid (or worse) Pope.

Make no mistake: this freak show winning a song contest is another poisoned fruit of the “who am I to judge”-mentality officially endorsed by the Destroyer. It is the result of the fact that every any sense of moral decency has been been thrown away, from the very Pope, in the name of an extremely selfish, heathenish, stupid desire to feel “good”, “inclusive”, and “accepting”, again, from the Pope down.

I can almost hear the Destroyer say that if this sausage chap “seeks God”, or “follows his conscience”, or whatever stupid nonsense comes to his mind, then who is he, or anyone else, to judge?

Now: freak shows have always been loved by the uneducated masses; but there was in these peasants and factory workers of old no approval of the obscene obesity of the cannon woman; they looked at her in the same way as they looked at the bearded woman: with the childish fascination for the absurd and the grotesque that is one of the marks of the childish mind. I am sure this is at play here, as we have seen for many years now TV shows taking the place of the circus, and bringing the freak shows in childish peoples' homes. But I think something else is also at play here: an almost voluptuous forgetting or throwing away of Christian morality, in favour of the man-made religion of niceness now rapidly conquering the West, and helped every step of the way, maliciously or not, from a Pope to whom being part of such a culture is infinitely more important than defending Catholicism.

Whenever such stupid things happen, we must soberly realise that with his stupidity, his populism, his addiction to popularity and mass approval, the BoR is the main engine of such events, it being obvious that nothing can push heathenism forward like unofficial, but still very clear Papal endorsement for heathenish thinking.

Pope Francis is very stupid, or very evil. He could, actually, even manage to be both at the same time, as intelligence is not a requirement for evil thinking. And he is a Jesuit, which in the last decades has been a byword for both.

Please, Lord, free us from this man or let him come to sense, and give us afterwards a Pope who believes in the God of the Christians instead of a freak amateur Che Guevara, a supporter of heresy and sexual perversion, a man with no respect for Our Lord, for the Blessed Virgin, or for the Sacraments; and a friend of everyone but sound Catholics.



The Two Faces of Vatican II

The “it wasn’t so good during Benedict’s Pontificate, either”-reblog.

Mundabor's Blog

Janus. Note the resemblance with V II.

A kind of debate is emerging on whether V II really was a game- changing event and ( in both cases) why.
In my opinion , V II was both: the starting point and the catalyst of the probably biggest crisis in the history of the Church  and an event which, if taken literally, could be dismissed as an example of poor theological skills, even worse writing ability and , most importantly, an exercise in ambiguity.
It is in my eyes impossible to deny that if Vatican II has for now five decades been considered a seminal, fundamental event in the history of the Church there must have been something ( a lot, in fact) allowing the proposers of the theory to justify their opinion. To put it in a more brutal way, one cannot say that Mein Kampf was already Nazism in…

View original post 1,170 more words

The Elephant In The Church

People had started to notice something eerily wrong in Francis



And it came to pass that for the second time in two weeks, the homily of the Mass I attended to was directed at, or better said it was directed against, the Pope.

Only the name was not said. All the rest was. There is no chance in hell on each of the two occasions there was one single adult who did not understand what, or rather whom, the homilies were about.

May the Lord give to the good priests that are still left the fortitude to say what must be said; in the way they consider most appropriate, of course; but still, leaving the faithful in the pews in no doubt whatever about who exactly is being criticised, and why.

St Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.



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