The Pope And The Martians

Please, take him away...

The Bishop of Rome has just stated if Martians were to land on the Earth and ask for Baptism, he would not refuse. I am assuming he means “if they believe in God and want to be good Christians”; but I ain't sure, either.

My reflection is, though, another one.

If the Martians were to land on earth and say “we desire to be baptised because we believe all that the Church believes and profess all that the Church professes, and are therefore persuaded that outside of the Only Church there can be no salvation….”

Would Francis still want to baptise them?



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  1. Would he baptize Godzilla? Would he canonize him for not trying to eat Tokyo? These are the kind of important questions, this is the kind of schtick, this ground breaking papacy is focusing in on with a laser like intensity.

  2. quiavideruntoculi

    Seems to me that that couldn’t possibly work.

    Only men can validly receive baptism, because Christ is the God-Man, not the God-Martian. Martians could not be men, because they could not be descended Adam. Therefore, Martians could not be baptised.

    Francis is like the devil himself.

    • The Jesuits have been involved with interplanetary studies for quite some time. For those unfamiliar with this topic,some of what has been going on can be found by reading this brief article : There are many discussions by chris Putnam, Tom Horn and Steve Quayle on the youtube, in their books and on their web sites. They are Protestants but have been following what the Vatican has been studying and discussing.
      My personal inclination is to believe that aliens (sometimes associated with UFOs), the existence of which has been attested to by some very credible people over the years, are some sort of demonically developed clone of humans, possibly sometimes mixed with animals, but originally with human cooperation, possibly in the Garden of Eden, and later with cooperation of pagan peoples but more recently with forced abductions of civilized Christians. It seems these aliens they lack the ability to reproduce, and abduction victims have reported forced collection of human eggs and sperm.
      If the aliens are human clones of some sort, they could be baptized with the proper disposition and belief in the true Faith, but from testimony, it seems at least some of them are doing demonic things.

    • The linked article is obviously an April’s fool joke, Maureen. Look at the date.

      The rest seems fantasy and speculation to me.


    • quiavideruntoculi

      A bit like the Nephilim you mean? Though there has been some considerable dispute as to what these were.

      I’m not sure that a human clone could even exist and be called truly human; but it’s an interesting thought.

    • If I understood correctly the Nephilim were giants and did have heterosexual relations.
      Demonic possession can be real but that is not a fallen angel/human being combination which some Protestants believe the Nephilim were.
      I am no expert on this but my understanding has always been that fallen angels are evil spirits and angels do not have bodies, can never reproduce by any means, and do not have sexual relations nor do they need to travel in UFOs. I think the Nephilim, and probably all aliens were/are most likely some altered form of human beings, possibly clones, made with demonic ‘technology’. They could also be possessed by evil spirits just as we can.
      We do not baptize angels.. neither good nor bad ones. It seems the only thing left for aliens to be, if they exist is human . Here is a link to a brief interview with Bud Hopkins who lived in NYC and studied and wrote about alien abductions.

    • I frankly find this discussion odd to say the least.
      We don’t know if extraterrestrial exist and, if they do, what part they have in God’s plan.
      My simple theology is that there will be things I do not know. To start theorising about demonic creatures, possibly clones, altered forms of human beings, and the like seems to me the purest realm of fantasy.

    • I read very little fantasy. Real life has always been stranger than fiction. Fiction is one way of assimilating and understanding real life. I have chosen to pay more attention to science and investigative journalism than to science fiction,
      using theology as a guiding light . Benedict xvi said , after the symposium on these topics of 2009 that we can believe in aliens, and that if they are encountered, they can be evangelized. Some Protestants who are studying these things disagree, because they think aliens are some sort of combination of fallen angel and genetically altered person, so they cannot be baptized .
      Remembering that the fallen angels are much more intelligent than we and that pagans historically included them among their ‘gods’ lends credence to their cooperating in some incredibly weird and sinful scourge against procreation.
      Saint Edith Stein said that she believed the Original sin was something sexual because the punishment leveled on humankind was sexual in nature. No moral theologians have ever mentioned any sexual sins that seem to be severe enough , that committed by our first parents , would punish all of humanity till the end of time with being conceived and born with Original sin, have our intellects darkened and our wills weakened, and make us subject to ‘natural’ death.

    • I still don’t follow you.

      One thing is to say you can believe in ETs, another one is to sart strange theories about what they might be.

      Anyway, I doubt I will persuade you, or you me.


  3. Why this Pope wants to bring up such an idiotic idea is beyond me. We have so many problems in the Church right now, and, yet again, he goes out of his way to create a new novelty to bemuse the Church and the world. Does he have a collection of sci-fi books that he’s being influenced by?

    • The message is “never close the door”.

      The martian is merely a metaphor to say that of course adulterers should receive communion.


    • Mundabor > “The martian is merely a metaphor to say that of course adulterers should receive communion.”

      I never thought of it that way. Yes, you are right, that’s exactly what he’s saying.

      It seems that Martians are ok. Pelagians not so much.

    • Exactly.
      As I have often stated, his only enemies are Catholics.

  4. The whole statement struck me as out of character, think about what we could learn from an inter galactic dialogue.

  5. victura1007 .

    I’m all for humor but this joke could ONLY be made by someone who doesn’t believe in or understand what original sin is. It happened here on Earth, not in the universe generally. Were I to try and make this joke (to emphasize that baptism must be liberally administered), I would have automatically stopped myself because I’m Catholic, i.e., original sin in an Earth-based, Adam and Eve phenomenon.

    Something is very wrong here. Batten down the hatches.

  6. I’m inclined to think,if they professed such, he’d tell them, “Get your holy card faces the hell outta here!”

  7. No, the link is not a joke . It is consistent with what these men and others have been studying and speaking and writing about for many years. Many hours of their conversations on these topics are on the youtube, and they have written several books which are mentioned therein. They have ongoing websites. Conferences, etc. have been given over the years involving them and others interested in this topic. In the summer of 2009 the Vatican conferences they mentioned in the linked article did take place, involving theologians and scientists of various disciplines in which they discussed aliens, UFOs, original sin,Genesis and other related topics. After the conference, Pope Benedict xvi said that it was permissible for Catholics to believe in the existence of Aliens, and but as far as I know little or nothing else about the conference was released to the public. Over the years there have been several news feature articles in major USA newspapers about the Vatican telescope in the USA , and the Jesuits mentioned in the video which accompanies the article.

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