The Sellout Pope

Jorge Bergoglio, here in a rare image from the Sixties.

I needed a couple of days to calm down after reading Francis' latest statement about wealth redistribution. The fact is, it becomes more and more difficult to keep calm when writing about Francis, as the brazen shamelessness of this man becomes more evident and more arrogant with every passing month.

This time, Francis gave us another example of how he has sold himself so much to every possible earthly fashion, that he has become – or pretends to have become – unaware of where Catholicism ends and where earthly fads begin.

This time, the Pope calls for “redistribution”, and in his arrogance and/or stupidity has the insolence of calling poor Zacchaeus as a witness for his clearly Socialist agenda.

If Francis had read the Gospel anytime after leaving the Seminary, he would remember that:

1. Zacchaeus' donations are entirely voluntary, which is exactly the contrary of the wealth redistribution advocated by the Destroyer.

2. Zacchaues remains hugely wealthy even after said donations, thus perpetuating in front of Jesus' very eyes a situation against which Francis calls to action.

3. Jesus does not demand from Zacchaeus that he makes any specific donation.

4. In general, Jesus never calls for forced, state-induced “wealth redistribution”. He does not even call for income taxes. If you think he forgot you must be drunk, retarded, or the Bishop of Rome.

It is obvious that, in this issue like in many others – I have written very recently about environmental ones – Francis thinks like the world, because he is one of the world. The following of every stupid secular trend is so natural to him, because he is so naturally, and so stupidly, wordly. It is not that he is imperfectly aware of the fact that he is mixing the wordly with the otherworldly. It is that to him, the otherworldly does not count in the first place, and is there merely to be used as an excuse for his purely secular agenda.

Francis is, very simply, unable to think and act like a Christian. His entire work is directed towards down here: social justice, environment, popularity. I doubt he believes in God. He certainly has no shred of fear of the Lord.

Whatever is in the way of Francis' earthly goals, must give way. The Sacraments are obstacles. Doctrinal orthodoxy is for Pharisees. Charity must make place for forced redistribution through taxation. Environmentalism must be smuggled as a Christian idea.

This is as if Stalin were explaining Christianity to the members of the Politburo.

Everything, in Francis, is meant to satisfy earthly needs and earthly desires. He does not even stop in front of adultery, and it is therefore to be expected that he should not stop in front of Socialism.

The Lord is giving us, day in and day out, the opportunity to choose between Himself and the senseless heretical rubbish of this deluded old man. By allowing Francis to be put in the position of Pope He, at the same time, punishes and tests us.

He punishes us by allowing to Francis (and perhaps to his successors) to inflict on us an overdose of V II madness, so that the lesson may endure for many centuries to come. But he also tests us, because the scandals given by Francis are so evident that no sound Catholic can avoid being scandalised, and those who aren't have obviously chosen Francis and the world rather than Christ and his Church. A Church, I remind you, unchanged in her “excessive doctrinal security” whatever Francis may say of it; as solid as a block of granite in spite of all the pathetic attempt of the man to let you think otherwise; and that will crush him like a worm when the time of our well-deserved punishment has finally come to an end.

Choose this day on which side you are, because it is abundantly clear you can only be on the side of Christ or on the side of Francis.

Guess who will be crushed.



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  1. “This is as if Stalin were explaining Christianity to the members of the Politburo.”
    I completely agree.

    I own a book published in the GDR in the 70´s called “Marxism and Christianity”. The author tries to convince Christians that Marxists are more concerned about the poor than most Christians and therefore are better people and even have better understood what the Gospel really means than Christians.
    Reading this book one could think it is written by the current pope.

  2. The priest at my parish asked us a couple of Sundays ago? ‘Where do you go when clerics and prelates espouse things that are in contradiction to the deposit of faith?’. He recommended the one place where the source and summit of Christian life can be found- the Holy unbloody Sacrifice of the Mass. Everything one needs can be found there and tune out all other nonsense. It is the only way to survive these absolutely chaotic days. He also made the point that Christ said He is the Way and He is the Gate to salvation….not a way or a gate but The Way and The Gate. Big difference than what the Holy Father espouses.

  3. One of the least popular ideas among many today is that we should think of God’s personal judgment in ‘ fear and trembling ‘ ,as Saint Paul said , because even if it’s true statistically that men and women die between 78 and 83 years of age , that’s only statistics ,so it means that a few of us shall be in presence of Our Lord when still young or relatively young , maybe this evening or tomorrow morning. When I remind someone of this reality – and it happens with old Catholics ,too, the majority reacts ‘ making horns’ pointing the finger , or telling me that I want ‘ portare sf….. ‘. Curiosly , some of them deny the eternity of souls , but live and die as if they were eternal. I have the impression that the Bishop of Rome , if he thinks of writing now about enviromental issues , redistribution of wealth and so on, has a type of thought more similar to a young leftist lad than an old priest. And he’s already 78 years old .
    When will he think to write about a really religious theme ? When he’s sitting on a bench of Heaven, provided he manages to get there ?

    • Yes, he thinks like Che Guevara would if he had not been captured and executed and had mellowed a tad with the years.
      Bergoglio always makes me think of Manzoni’s vecchio malvissuto.


  4. victura1007 .

    Hopefully this doesn’t count against me when it comes time for my Personal Judgment, but I’m hardly even listening to him at this point. Is he even aware that the State in the USA, for example, already confiscates about half of what every productive person’s labor earns? And he wants more taken away? All that will do is disincentivize people from working at all. I currently support countless numbers of welfare children while I can barely afford any of my own. That’s charity?

    • That’s socialism.
      A world made for Francis.
      Btw, Christian societies have always helped the orphans; what they have never done is to create a generation or two of single mothers living on welfare, and whose daughter go on to become pregnant at a very young age and follow their path.

  5. These utterances of the Bishop of Rome are no longer just a reflection of his Socialist tendencies, but are now (given the reference to “Sustainable Development” at the UN) directly out of the playbook of Agenda 21: Has there been any discussion of Agenda 21 here on Mundabor’s Blog? This is pure evil.

  6. Where did you get that picture? Wow, it alone says so much!

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