“Ad Orientem” For The Eleven Year Old And The Old Hippies

ad orientem cartoon


Courtesy of His Hermeneuticalness.


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  1. He’s BEHIND YOU, as they say at pantomimes.

  2. Cute illustration!…and very good to initiate discussion about the Mass, especially with children. It seems the priest in figure 2 needs to watch to be sure the 11 year olds are paying attention to the praise, and not playings with their electronic devices instead. In the pre-hippy era in the pan-Traditionalist Roman Catholic Churches, nuns with little metal cricket clickers and rattling waist-hanging rosary beads used to oversee the little tikes from the rear. The fiercest nuns could be identified without looking around, just by the rapidity and persistence of the clicking. True, there were no electronics, but there was funny-face making and there were little crumpled paper messages, some which produced laughter.

  3. Being forced into the role of the object of worship is not a good thing for priests and the laity know only too well that Father may be a saint but he falls a bit short of divinity. Good priests are driven out by the charade, or if they stay, forced into a sort of netherworld, hoping for better times, bad priests often end up acting as if they were suitable objects of worship and, the prison or the asylum not intervening, become bishops or lunatics or, often, both. God help us if one of these creations of wrong way liturgy were to become Pope.

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