Forget The Adolescent

The rumour black masses also work proved unfounded



And it came to pass a bunch of idiots thinking they’re smart because they made it to Harvard decided to get some publicity on the cheap – and girls, I would say. Stupid girls like this kind of boys. Or perhaps it’s boys they were after; but I digress… – and when they got more than they had bargained for decided to cave in, albeit still doing their own stupid thing in some hole or restroom or restaurant or other, lest the girls (or boys) mock them forever. 

 I am pleased no consecrated hosts were desecrated. I am incensed, but not surprised, at human stupidity. I wish I could take these cretins more seriously. It’s just very difficult. 

What surprises me most is this idea that a great victory was won because a couple of spotty teenagers have shitted their pants – which generally look, nowadays, af if they had shitted in them anyway – after their transgression turned out to be less than perfectly accepted. If this is a worthy enemy, what does it say of us as an army? 

No. The real problem of our times is not the idiots and minions of Satan without, but those within. 

We have more serious problems than adolescents trying to look as if they could wear a proper beard. 


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