Life Of A Blogger

A lot of work on a post about the new “Las Vegas” divorce law in Italy, perhaps 1000 words.

Photo prepared, tags, Categories.

Read two times, refined, made more pungent.

My blogging app swallows it for reasons I still do not understand.


I am fuming.

I am now too angry to start to rewrite it from scratch.

Main topics:

– New law allows divorce in as little as six months

– As always, what was an “exception” for “extreme cases” has become the norm, and from the 7 year divorce we have now the 6 (or 12) months divorce.

– As always, stupid Italian clergy baa lamely, when they should have done their job properly these past 50 or 60 years.

Life of a blogger.



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  1. Don’t know how you do it: consistently come up with insightful, entertaining – and often darkly accurate, even horrifying – posts. Hats off to you. I can appreciate the effort. Heck – coming up with the occasional comment takes it out of me.

    Insights into traditional Italian Catholicism are always most interesting. Hope you recover that post.

    • Thanks.
      The post is gone.
      The blog app I use (perhaps: used) allows you to “mark everything” to do other things, like changing type font, size and colour of the text, which that particular app does rather well.

      What I think has happened is that I have not noticed I had everything “marked” and copied a link I wanted to add to the text. The new link cancelled all the text, and I would not know how to retrieve it.

      I have now bought a new app, because the anger was mighty. It appears to do some things better, but it does not allow – it seems – to change colour, size or typefont.


  2. Mundabor,
    it’s a proposal for a law, not actually an approved law. But you’re right on all accounts.
    Ed il nostro clero muto come un pesce…e con il vescovo Galantino come segretario CEI…

    • Yes, I know, but I got the impression the numbers are there, and I can’t imagine any big reaction to it if even the Vatican does nothing more than meow. Hey, who are they to judge?

  3. Dear Mundabor: “Ctrl button + Z” = undo. Also, you might want to write your rough in a text editor, THEN import it to the editor. Just saying.

    • Thanks, but I had put (I think) all the text in the clipboard and Inthink it had been erased already by the new link I had copied and pasted.
      I do not want the hassle of having to transfer texts. This is just the kind of think a blog editor app should free me from.

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