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Faggotry Is Not A Human Right

I always find it irresistible when US Blacks express themselves against the Gaystapo. For some reason that is not easy to understand this side of the Pond, if 100 Black Pastors say that it is offensive and outrageous to equate so-called “gay rights” with civil rights, this has far more weight than if 100 White Pastors would say exactly the same, in exactly the same words. It is as if, so to speak, an ethnic group had hereditary rights other groups do not have. Which is, clearly, racist. 

Anyway, this time Political Correctness works for us, because as the Black population arises in rage at seeing the civil rights fights of their forefathers equated with the delusions of sexual perverts – a rage, let me say this once again, to which I am entitled in exactly the same manner – their outrage cannot be ignored as easily by the liberal establishment as they would do with the white pastors. 

The Pastors are – in this particular instance – right. But they are also Black. 

A double whammy for the Liberal troops. 






Happy “I Wasn’t Aborted”-Day, Wendy Davis!

It makes sense that Wendy Davis should celebrate the day she was born. It is, in fact, a celebration of the brutal fact that she was not aborted.

Very pro-life, I would say.

But wait, isn't this the rabid pro-death (please let's stop the pro-choice rubbish) woman who made a talking marathon in Texas to, well, prevent countless babies from ever celebrating their birthday?

So, it seems Ms Davis is very much pro-like when it is about her own life, but can see countless others being deprived of what to her is so obviously and publicly worth of celebration: birth.

Happy “I wasn't aborted-day”, Ms Davis.

You certainly have wasted the gift made to you.


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Sensitive Heathens


“Go and live in sin. No need to wait for your husband to die”



Must one wait around for a spouse to die in order to receive Communion? Too many traditionalists seem unable to comprehend what a pastor must take into account to serve the needs of his people. They have a copy of the rule book, but what they may not have is a sensitivity to the people they serve.

This piece of comedy comes from the Fishwrap. My comments: 

1. It’s not a waiting line at the restaurant. It’s called adultery. 

2. It’s not about the perceived “needs” of the people, but their real ones: like, say, the salvation of their souls. Not that at the Fishwrap there’s any doubt about that…

3. It’s not about following the cricket rule book. It’s about God’s rules. Yes, one tends to take them seriously. 

4. A priest serves Christ first. He serves Him by leading souls to him. One cannot serve God and his flock as equal instances, much less see himself as one who serves the selfish interests of the flock. 

Christ first, and all the rest falls into place. 

Man first, and you have the Fishwrap


Two Cardinals = One Modernist

Cured Heresy far better than Aspirin: Auto da fė



Father Z has a post about Cardinal Kasper publishing a book about mercy, which says, but also does not say, what he wants to say, but is not necessarily saying. 

I have my own hypothesis about why the Cardinal speaks differently from the two corners of his mouth. 

He is a Modernist. 


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