Faggotry Is Not A Human Right

I always find it irresistible when US Blacks express themselves against the Gaystapo. For some reason that is not easy to understand this side of the Pond, if 100 Black Pastors say that it is offensive and outrageous to equate so-called “gay rights” with civil rights, this has far more weight than if 100 White Pastors would say exactly the same, in exactly the same words. It is as if, so to speak, an ethnic group had hereditary rights other groups do not have. Which is, clearly, racist. 

Anyway, this time Political Correctness works for us, because as the Black population arises in rage at seeing the civil rights fights of their forefathers equated with the delusions of sexual perverts – a rage, let me say this once again, to which I am entitled in exactly the same manner – their outrage cannot be ignored as easily by the liberal establishment as they would do with the white pastors. 

The Pastors are – in this particular instance – right. But they are also Black. 

A double whammy for the Liberal troops. 






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  1. But what you don’t understand is because Dear Leader is black and supports the redefinition of marriage the black population here will say nothing. Just last week it was reported that Dear Leader has an approval rating of over 86% in the black population. Race is the singular reason for this presidency; all else falls to the side. Black pastors have little of the power they had in decades past; corrupt race hustlers hold all the cards and power.

  2. The problem, Mundabor, comes from this ugly bit of hypocrisy: The MAJORITY, meaning more than 80% of black children are born out of wedlock. They are born into fatherless families where their siblings are usually sired by different men. And they do it for welfare benefits. You have several sins going on here: Bastardy, enslavement, prostitution, adultery. So many evils – and silence, absolute silence from the black clergy. Most of those who attend the black churches tend to be mostly female.
    I should add the predictable caveat that this is becoming all too common in white churches as well, but the horrors that afflict black people are devastating. All of it stems from adultery between men and women. This is not a human right, either. It’s a sin, and we hear nothing about it.

    • I did not know the numbers were so tragic, but yes, in the UK is the same too, with a disproportionate number of children born of “single mothers” who find it more convenient not to say who is the (penniless boy) father to get a preferential road to a council house.
      High criminality ensues among the children, and we are told “society” is to blame.
      Very true. The society that does not stigmatise, even de facto encourages, the dissolution of the family.,

  3. I agree. It is a tricky one for the liberal establishment.

    But they are used to this. For example, how do you praise Obama for being black without being sexist?

    Confused? Well if you say Obama is black, then you are a sexist! A wicked sexist! Obama’s mother is white, so why should you overlook her ethnic contribution when categorising her son? Because she is a woman? Disgusting.

    (To assert Obama is afro-American is ludicrous anyway. He is an enemy of that people. Black babies are the biggest victim of abortion in Obama’s country, which he wholeheartedly supports. Obama is as WASP as it gets.)

    • I have been told in the USA of old everyone who had black blood in his veins was called “black” regardless, even if only, say, 1/16, in order to avoid “confusion” with Whites.

      It is astonishing that this blatant racism should be applied now, by White and Blacks alike, to Obama without them even noticing how racist it is.


    • Because of “affirmative action”, that is, institutionalized reverse racism, being classified as “Black” (or “Hispanic” or “Native American”) ensures preferential treatment in almost every sector of both government and the remaining private economy. In a situation like that, there is an enormous incentive to self-identify as one of the privileged minority groups, even if you are mostly white.

      Also, “racism” has become just a fighting word that has been emptied of all meaning. Calling someone a “racist” just indicates opposition and a desire to have the alleged “racist” cast out from polite society, shut down any reasonable debate with him, and destroy him. You can be called a racist for opposing racial preferences. Or for opposing Obama. Or for criticizing Islam. Or for speaking of “black holes”. But if you have voted for Obama just because of his race (“first black president”) you are clearly not racist…

      For the post-modern left, words do not have meaning at all. Words are weapons to be used against the enemy, that is, traditional Christianity, the patriarchal family*, Western culture, and, yes, the majority populations of Europe and the US.

      *which is, for me, a badge of honor. Pro-patriarchy and proud of it!

    • Very well said, as always.


  4. greatpretender51

    Yet, ironically enough, blacks in the USA were used as a testing ground for the initial so-called “hate crime” laws back in the 1980s, which, after a suitable trial period, were shifted over for use as a weapon by the perverts in their war against civilization and sanity.

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