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“Go and live in sin. No need to wait for your husband to die”



Must one wait around for a spouse to die in order to receive Communion? Too many traditionalists seem unable to comprehend what a pastor must take into account to serve the needs of his people. They have a copy of the rule book, but what they may not have is a sensitivity to the people they serve.

This piece of comedy comes from the Fishwrap. My comments: 

1. It’s not a waiting line at the restaurant. It’s called adultery. 

2. It’s not about the perceived “needs” of the people, but their real ones: like, say, the salvation of their souls. Not that at the Fishwrap there’s any doubt about that…

3. It’s not about following the cricket rule book. It’s about God’s rules. Yes, one tends to take them seriously. 

4. A priest serves Christ first. He serves Him by leading souls to him. One cannot serve God and his flock as equal instances, much less see himself as one who serves the selfish interests of the flock. 

Christ first, and all the rest falls into place. 

Man first, and you have the Fishwrap


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  1. donnaliane72

    I’m going to add something that has been constantly coming to mind since Kasper said “we can’t all live the ideal” or something like that.
    He wants them to keep living together, fornicating, committing adultery and whatever else. Well, I think they should separate. If they sincerely seek God and His ways, then knowing God’s teachings, they must be prepared to “leave husband, wife, mother, father, sister, brother”or whatever be the case. Christ demands as much. If they keep you from Him, He must come first. If you are admitted to the church and full communion, (wrongly)then there will never be a hunger for Christ in the Eucharist, no grace received and no hunger for more ( not understanding what is missing). There will be also no satisfaction, although maybe a false one- short lived. So finding none, these people will live only ( or mostly) for themselves and may even turn elsewhere, such as other religions- not understanding why they are not satisfied. With God, it’s all or nothing. He will bring you to your knees, or your deathbed, but one way or another He’ll have you learn that He must come first. All else is naught! Gods Word like a sword must even penetrate to the point of dividing soul from spirit. If you ‘try’ to blunt the sword, you deny them their pruning. So yes, they must leave any unfaithful, damaging relationship- especially that which is outside of true, faithful sacramental marriage, for their own good!

    • You think like a Christian. Seriously, this is a world away from where Kasper is.
      The adulterers will, of course, eat and drink their own damnation even if the BoR himself gives them communion, because this is a fundamental matter of Christian teaching, a mainstay of the Deposit of Faith that cannot be subverted by anyone, be him king, pope or angel.

  2. It’s funny how this time the Fishwrap obeys so humbly ‘ those in power ‘ , as it’s fifty years or so it does not obey the Vatican’s or U.S. Bishops’ command not to use the adjective ‘catholic’ in the title of the magazine any more.

  3. donnaliane72

    Exactly M.
    Mathew 16:26
    “For what will it profit a man, if he gains the whole world and forfeits his life? Or what shall a man give in return for his life?”

  4. I have commented here on this matter several times.

    Donnaliane I have lived the Truth you expounded. You describe EXACTLY what I have experienced:

    My husband had to get an annulment after I came back to the Faith because as a Catholic from infancy who had left the Church for all sorts of denominations, we needed to have our Episcopalian marriage convalidated.

    I had to wait two years to receive the Lord in Holy Communion and it was the hardest and best two years of my spiritual life as I experienced a longing for the Body Blood Soul and Divinity of Jesus that is indescribable and made me appreciate what I had been missing for decades by being outside of the Faith.

    Because of this long wait and struggle with many tears and sighs and because of the deep joy I experienced once I was able to receive Him, it has not become an option for me to embark on any new “relationship” or “marriage” with another human man since my husband left me one year after our marriage was convalidated. I love God too much to betray Him and eat and drink damnation to myself!

    God comes First. God Bless you!

    • What a beautiful post!


    • donnaliane72

      God bless you too!! It is time I think to share more stories like this so others know and can hear those who lived the counter cultural life. Here’s another. Not quite the same but has merit in that God always has a plan. My sister had a baby young and always dreamed of marrying the child’s father because it was right. But he was wrong. After much turmoil and a split, because he wasn’t ready, he reunited with her and supposedly married her. However he never meant a word of his vows. Others warned him. We all later discovered he had another woman that he was seeing and planned on continuing to see, straight after the horrendous honeymoon, the woman he met on his bucks night. He left his “wife” within a fortnight. My sister, broken hearted pursued and was granted an annulment. She confessed and had deep sorrow for all her sins. She lived a converted life and she prayed for a good Catholic husband. She got older and older. At age 36 at Latin mass, (via a miraculous answer to a Novena) she met Michael and within 6 months married as Catholics. But one month before they married the ex-whatever and father of her first child died unexpectedly at home aged 36. A cause was never found. My sister said if ever there was a question mark over her annulment, it was removed by God Himself. She is happily increasing her family for God with Michael.

    • A moving story, but I hope your sister did not live in doubt before the death of the “ex-whatever”. Once the annulment has been given based on truthful information, your sister can rest assured it is as the Church has established.

      I assume no Last Rites for the poor “ex-whatever?”


  5. Keep plugging away, Mundabor. I sense your readership is growing at a healthy pace. You are truly a voice crying in the wilderness, enlightening so many to the shameful words and actions of our hierarchy. It is so repulsive that Kasper is not calling all Christians to heroic virtue, but rather letting the sheep wallow in their own filth because at heart he thinks them too stupid to truly follow the Good Shepherd.

    • Many thanks!

      My readership is growing at a healthy rate, but honestly: they are growing because I do not care whether they do… 😉


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