The “Outskirts” Have Spoken: Magister Strikes Again

New chapter needed soon.

New chapter needed soon.

A… magistral punch to NuChurch from Sandro Magister, who has analysed the answers to various questions posed in the notorious “survey” by Country.

It turns out that the Countries more sold to the “throwaway culture”, and infected by all those luxury cars Francis so abhors, are actually the least orthodox in all principal matters of Catholic doctrine, whilst the poorer Countries in the third world lead the field in matters of orthodoxy.

We knew it already, of course.

What Magister elegantly points out, though, is that those are exactly the periferie, the “outskirts” Francis always puts in front of our eyes as the real inspiration for rich, sound Catholicism, inviting us not to “close” ourselves – and the Vatican – in the narrow views of the wealthy West.

How comes, then, that the Pope who is always praising the “outskirts” clearly pushes the “serene” heresies of the Kasperites?



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  1. It is difficult to understand any of the the inconsistencies of the present day Church unless you apply the hermeneutic of homosexuality, and by their games shall ye know them.

  2. Maybe because the Bishop of Rome knows that the Kasperites know what the outskirts REALLY need , or because the outskirts knows what they can REALLY ask from the Kasperites and not,say, from the Burkites. O no ?

  3. I think it’s because he doesn’t care a straw for the outskirts, when they are orthodox… Then it’s “field hospital” time…


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