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News Aggregators

Bloggers of our kind love using Catholic news aggregators. These are sites grouping all sorts of news concerning the Catholic world, all of them linked for yours convenience. 

When I started blogging, “New Advent” was the first Catholic aggregator I used regularly, particularly because it was the only one I knew. But I never was satisfied with it, because the smell of molasses is too obvious to be tolerated for very long. Some good bloggers are featured regularly, but they also have a rather continuous presence of that particularly abrasive blog with the red beard, and another blog specialising in innocuous platitudes for Catholic mothers thinking they fight the good fight by reading her platitudes on the Internet. 

In a word, “New Advent” is rather lame. Not much better is “the pulp.it”, though I’d say the latter tend to have good content more often. 

The best I have found up to now is the “Pewsitter”, pushing the Catholic agenda without any shyness. If you follow only one news aggregator, I suggest you follow this. 

The “Pewsitter” is, though, prevalently focused on the USA, at least from what I can see. 

If anyone has (or had) good experiences with other sound Catholic news aggregators, I would be very grateful if he could share them with us. 



Goodness According To Nazis

It’s for your own good, my dear…



The President of a feminist/abortionist organisation has given us another example of the utterly evil, hallucinated “logic” of XXI Century Nazis. 

 Abortion has, as she puts it, two positive effects: 

1) It avoids the pain for the death of a child, and 

2) It prevents mothers from dying of childbirth. 

One truly wonders at what must go on in the brains of these people. At the same time, one becomes chillingly aware of how all the atrocities of the Nazi regime could happen. Dr Mengele could have said the same things, and in reading his words people would have been chilled at the cold-blooded murderous intent. But put on Nazism a thin varnish of feminism, and everything will be fine. 

I will only touch in passing the huge elephant in the room: the obvious observation that for most of Christianity the difference between dying baptised or unbaptised is so huge, that only a dyed-in-the-wool atheist can even think of ignoring it.  

No, let us see this from the perspective of an atheist. 

If the reasoning of Mrs Mengele makes sense, only complete eradication of child birth will eliminate the problem of the bereavement whenever the child dies. Because you see, every child who is born is already condemned to both die and cause severe pain in those who love him. The only thing that may change is that the mother might not be there when this happens; because she has, in turn, caused a huge feeling of loss to other people. Oh, the cruelty of all that! If a birth is bound to cause pain, than it is better that there is no pain… for the living. The unborn clearly do not count. 

Similarly, maximum security for women could be achieved simply by forbidding them to undergo such a dangerous and disruptive, ahem, unnatural process like… pregnancy. Maximum security for the living and, pretty please, no disruption at all in their serene, godless life. Humanity will be wiped out, of course, but who cares…

The unborn, as we have already seen, don’t count. 



Abortion: Norway Tries To Think, And Fails.

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