Man Overboard?

With great sadness, today I read around of desperate Catholics thinking of conversion to Orthodoxy. I should, I think, repeat my two cents on the matter for the benefit of all those who were to entertain such unfortunate thoughts. 

The Catholic Church is the Church founded by Christ on Peter. The Orthodox of whatever variety are Schismatics. You don’t want to die a Schismatic. You really don’t. 

The mistake some people make is to confuse the praxis with the Truth, and to decide that the organisation with the better (or less bad) praxis is the one that should have their allegiance. Wrong. 

 The matter here is not one of degree, but of substance. There is only one Church. There is simply no other shop in town. Everyone else is not simply a lesser Church. Everyone else is, simply, no Church at all. 

There is only one shop, and you are either in it or out of it. If the neighbour has a pretend shop without commercial licence, his pretend shop can be as clean and inviting as you like, but it will still not be a shop due to the lack of the licence that alone allows it to be, and legitimately call itself, a shop. 

Conversely, the only real – that is: licensed – shop in the village can be dirty, messy, run by idiots, and undermining its own business every day of the week, but it will still be the only shop. 

The Church has an intrinsic quality, that of being the only shop Christ established and to which He gave a licence, that separates Her in the most obvious manner from all the pretend organisation. The difference is not quantitative, but ontological. The Church is the Church, all the other aren’t. A bigger difference, a wider gap than this cannot exist. 

Must be, then, accept the madness that happens in the shop as the authoritative, and therefore proper, way to run it? Certainly not. 

The Authority who gave the shop the licence left a Manual. The Manual says how the shop is to be run. If the shop is run by idiots and becomes dirty and smelly this will never cause it to stop being The Only Shop, nor will any degree of neglect ever cause any non-shop to become one. 

When the shop is run by idiots who pretend not to know what the Manual says, and actually keep telling us we must now follow a New Manual, this does not dent the validity of the Manual or the legitimacy of the shop in the least; it merely allows us to get an idea of what back-breaking fines the Authority who has given the licence, and which is also the owner of the unit itself, will impose on such disgraceful managers when the inspection is due. 

It is certainly a huge problem that the only shop in town should be run in such a disgraceful way; but this is just a factual circumstance, and cannot change the simple fact that no amount of mismanagement can change the nature of both the Only Shop, and the wannabe pretend shops. 

You, dear reader, have a fairly uncommon privilege: you have been born, or have been received, into the Only Church. You hold a ticket to a passage in the Only Barque through the perilous Sea of Life. 

To think of conversion because of the bunch of minus habens currently steering the Barque is as senseless as to wonder whether one should not jump in the sea and end the perilous passage swimming, or asking for admission in one of the many life rafts desperately trying to reach the end of the voyage, and in a very difficult situation because they are, very simply, not the Only Barque. 

Forget the swimming. Forget the life rafts. Stay in the Barque. Shitty as the crew is, it’s the only place. 



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  1. Plus the Eastern Orthodox have already surrendered on divorce, so given what orthodox Catholics are desperate about now, what would such a conversion get them?

  2. Catholic private revelation has predicted that Cardinals and Bishops would oppose each other. Two of the accounts are the Akita , Japan words of Our Lady in the 1970’s , found worthy of belief by then Cardinal Ratzinger ( P. Ben. xvi), and the visions Sr. Elena Aiello, beatified by Pope Benedict xvi.
    We know that we must stay in the Authentic Catholic Church founded by Jesus Christ. Should there be some sort of division, we must pray that we do not become confused. It seems that if there is division, it will be the same division that already has been acknowledged to exist in the Church, mostly stemming from moral heresies, these we must examine carefully to know what the Church has always held and what is not subject to change by any earthly authority.

  3. Michael Ortiz

    Right up to a point: the orthodox are apostolic Churches that are separated from the See of Peter, and hence schismatic. They are worlds away from your local baptist “church”. They have valid sacraments and orders. They are usually tied in problematic ways to nationalistic identities. Their praxis on marriage is off the rails.

    The Catholic Church is the Church of Christ, and yes, we stray from it on peril of our souls.

    • There is obviously a difference between a schismatic and a heretic. But for the life of me, I would not want to die a willing schismatic more than I would want to die a willing heretic.
      The option between Catholic and Schismatic is just.not.there.


  4. Great post, great comparison shop – Church.


    Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat!

  5. Orthodox are also heretics they deny such catholic dogmas as: Immaculate Conception of the Mother of God, The Assumption of the Mother of God as well as Papal infallibility.

  6. I see the answers are mixed randomly with the messages. I must see how to deal with this with the new app (if that was the cause).

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