Journey Into A Confused Mind

The second incorrect attitude is the temptation to limit ourselves to creatures, as if they can provide the answer to all our expectations. With the gift of knowledge, the Holy Spirit helps us not to give in to all of this…but I would like to return to the first wrong path…Custodians Creation, not Masters of Creation it is a gift that the Lord has given us, to us! We are Custodians of Creation. But when we exploit Creation we destroy the sign of God’s love for us, in destroying Creation we are saying to God: “I don’t like it!. This is not good!” “So what do you like?” “I like myself!” – Here, this is sin! Do you see? Custody of Creation is custody of God’s gift to us and it is also a way of saying thank you to God. I am the master of Creation but to carry it forward I will never destroy your gift. And this should be our attitude towards Creation. Safeguard Creation. Because if we destroy Creation, Creation will destroy us! Never forget this!

I frankly do not know how this man can look at himself in the mirror and not be ashamed. 

Already the childish, primitive talk (very probably already doctored for the print) shows either half-illiteracy or a patronising, condescending attitude. In the first case he is probably retarded, in the second he more than probably thinks we are. 

The content is even worse. Are we Masters of Creation, or not? Is it a sin to like oneself? Is Creation a god-like Pagan creature? Is God’s love to us showed primarily in Creation? I thought God’s love for us is showed in the most astonishingly beautiful act of love of all times? 

Is it possible to ignore that whatever this man says is completely man-centred, totally earthly, and consistently aimed at directing people’s gaze away from heaven and down on this earth? 

What is happening here is not only that the Emperor has no clothes. Here we have a naked Emperor going around singing obscene sailors’ songs, whilst an army of sycophants praises the extreme wisdom of his poetic expressions. 

Please, Lord: in your good time, take this chalice away from us, and from your Holy Church. 



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  1. prudentissima

    Hahaha. Please don’t publish this. I was just now praising your poetic expressions. 🙂

  2. He of course followed this garbage up with the baffling, “God always forgives.. Father Creation never forgives!” riddle (and doesn’t Francis’ god sound like a swell guy – no wonder hell’s empty! So unlike that mean old Father Creation!) before taking a shot at the angels of heaven.

    “No, the Angels are beneath us! We are more than the Angels!” Francis assured us, referencing the Psalms, which appear to teach the diametric opposite (Ps 8:5, and Heb 2:7).

    What Catholic conscience could contemplate such thoughts? Has there ever been a believer – in the 2,000 years since Our Lord ‘s feet touched the earth – who claimed supremacy over God’s blessed angels? And a Pope? I’m not sure “confused” does justice to the man, Mundabor.

    • Trying to remain, as they say, charitable.
      A more realistic assessment would not be fit for printing, and not the way it should be spoken about the Pope.

  3. Forty years ago Dr. Cornelio Fabro wrote the famous anti-modernist book ‘ The anthropological turning point of Karl Rahner ‘ . Today he would probably write ‘ The anthropocentric obsession of Jorge Bergoglio’ . And imagine what Amerio would have thought or written . a philosophical – theological atomic bomb , I guess , by seeing how the same words of Jesus he chose as title for his masterpiece are publicly mocked at by some Princes of the Church . By the way , if it’s possible a JP II ‘ santo subito ‘ and you proposed a future ‘ Mundabor santo ‘ can I bet my two cents on Amerio or Fabro ?

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