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“Vir Dei”: The Prayer To The Guardian Human

No need for a caption, I think...

No need for a caption, I think…




Inspired by the latest statement of Pope Francis, I thought that the Pope might, now that it has been decided that Angels are inferior to Man, ask each Catholic to become the Guardian Human of an angel.

As he is there, the Bishop of Rome could ask the angels to recite their daily prayer for their Guardian Human.

Being somewhat conservative, I suggest the following text:

Vir Dei,
qui custos es mei,
me tibi commissum pietate pontifica,
hodie illúmina, custodi, rege et guberna.


Man of God, my guardian dear,
to whom Pope’s love commits me here,
ever this day be at my side,
to light, to guard, to rule, and guide.

There. This is fixed.

All these preconceptions and superstitions about angels have gone on for too long. Thankfully, we now have Francis to tell us, very humbly, what is what.



Two Popes In Contrast

The (excellent, from what I can understand) Argentinian blog “Wanderer Revisited” has this interesting picture collage about two Popes.

I am not good at Spanish, in the sense that it is only accessible to me in the way it would be to a casual Italian reader. But one certainly does not need great language skills to understand the message of this:



More and more people are opening their eyes. More will follow as October approaches.

Let us be vigilant, and let us fight against the huge tide of satanic deception coming our way.


Dyke Moved By Pope Francis. New Book Is Out.

Mundabor's Blog

No, it's supposed to be a woman. No, it’s supposed to be a woman.

“I think I was brought pretty close to tears when Pope Francis said, ‘Who am I to judge?’” said Pike. “It was just a tremendous feeling of being welcomed for the first time — just to even be identified in that context.”

Ms/Mss/Mr/ Dyke Pyke was oh so movedwhen she heard Francis’ words. She isn’t sated yet, but she just had that “tremendous feeling”. 

As she is a stereotypical dyke, I thought it right to inflict the picture to you. You may show it to your children as a cautionary tale. If they have the appropriate age, that is.

The soi-disant Catholic, who is an “organizer” in her community, says Francis’ action “stir her heart”. I am glad he did not have to stir her body, for which much more vigorous statement would have been be necessary (“I am a Muslim”, or…

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A Long Letter To Francis

Cardinal Bergoglio

“You haven’t changed at all!”



I post here the links to a long letter to Francis from a personal acquaintance of him. Unfortunately, I could only find the German and the Spanish version.  If any of my Spanish- or German-speaking readers can direct me to an English translation, I will be thankful.

EDIT: IT IS HERE: Many thanks to readers Marco Pernechele and “Corymbia”!

There are several concepts and ideas in this letter with which I cannot agree. Yes, of course we can criticise the Pope. At times we must, even. Probably the author expresses herself in a rhetorical way, but she unfortunately contributes to the widespread tale that the Pope cannot be criticised. Similarly, I do not agree with the strange idea that the man be an intelligent  man, therefore he must have some cunning plan to defend Catholicism without anyone noticing. More gravely, no doubt must ever be insinuated in the mind of the readers that, when Christ and a Pope are in conflict, there might be any doubt as to who is right.

Why, then, do I link to this long letter?

Because, coming from a personal acquaintance from him, it gives some rather telling insights about the habits and ways of Jorge Bergoglio, the Archbishop and Cardinal. And no, it’s not a beautiful sight.

Still, what the writer says about the Cardinal matches so exactly the actions of the Bishop of Rome, that it is very difficult not to find her words completely trustworthy. 

This is a woman who knew Bergoglio as Cardinal, and, as we say in Italy, “photographed him”, describing the real way he is in minute details. 

Read past the usual compliments, and what emerges is further confirmation of the tragic mistake of the Cardinals in March 2013.

Next time I hear some idiot repeat the other tale of the Holy Ghost hand-picking the Pope I think I will be tempted to slap him in the  face, and to demand that he thanks me afterwards. 

If you are a German- or Spanish-speaking blogger, you may want to consider reblogging the original letter; albeit, I think, with the caveats I have expressed above.

As a whole, I think it should be required reading for everyone wanting to understand what is going on with Jorge Bergoglio.


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