Two Popes In Contrast

The (excellent, from what I can understand) Argentinian blog “Wanderer Revisited” has this interesting picture collage about two Popes.

I am not good at Spanish, in the sense that it is only accessible to me in the way it would be to a casual Italian reader. But one certainly does not need great language skills to understand the message of this:



More and more people are opening their eyes. More will follow as October approaches.

Let us be vigilant, and let us fight against the huge tide of satanic deception coming our way.


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  1. Benedict is a living saint, IMHO. His influence will echo down the centuries as the man who saved Western civilization via the Motu Proprio of 2007. Save the liturgy, save the world! I credit Benedict with the maturation of my Christian faith–I was stuck in no-where-land before him. I now realize how dazed and confused I was during the long, grueling papacy of JPII.

    Unless they repent, imagine the looks on the faces, at the final judgement, of those demon-possessed lay-out artists who besmirched dear Benedict in such hideous fashion.

    St. Benedict of Nursia help us bear persecution for justice’ sake. Amen.

    • I wish I could share your enthusiasm for the man, Akita.
      Whilst infinitely better than the current man, I am afraid Benedict is a part of the problem, albeit the least problematic one.
      Already the fact that he certainly resigned thinking another Benedict would be made Pope shows his lack of depth, and how he was led by the nose in his appointments.

  2. The demonic opponents of Truth in the Church hierarchy, probably for the most part homosexually oriented, could teach the Devil tricks; they are as relentless as the netherworld and like Satan, they never sleep. How can a conclave which includes them come up with a choice inspired by the Holy Spirit? How can an episcopate which includes them produce an orthodox college of cardinals? How can a priesthood which includes them produce an orthodox, and Truth defending episcopate? Most assuredly they are at least playing for the gay team, and in these times the gay team always wins.

  3. Benedict is 99.99% more holy, more humble, more intelligent (I’d say he’s genius to Francis’ moronic qualities), more prayerful, more lovable and charitable, more the “real deal” than is Francis. I don’t think Benedict was calculating the virtues of his successor. The reasons for the abdication remain a mystery. This is all an inscrutable part of God’s plan.

    • Ah, no doubt compared to Francis he was like the holy water compared to the devil.

      I have written about his abdication. I believe his good faith, nor do I believe in any conspiracy theory.

      He saw JP II going gaga, and said to himself “never will I do this to the Church, because the Church needs a functioning Pope”. I agree with him by the way. If only he had chosen better Cardinals…


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