Elliot Rodger Is A Son Of Our Times




A chap called Elliot Rodger goes on a rampage, kills six people, wounds other seven, exchanges gunfire with the police, then kills himself.

This would be a usual case of a madman tired of living, but it has an important difference.

The young Mr Rodger uses the social media to justify his acts, and employs all the kind of emotional bollocks so much en vogue nowadays.

He has no friends, to which he obviously feels entitled. He clearly has no sex, to which he also feels entitled. He has no societal approval, which is the gravest sin of the century.

The young man does not have everything that modern society deifies: feel-good feelings, good time and, obviously, sex galore. He feels, therefore, authorised to take a weapons and go frontally against the very society that deifies those very things it negates to him.

For a Christian, all this does not make sense. But think of it coolly: for someone whose gods are fun, sex, and approval, it suddenly does.

Now, of course Rodger was a madman, and his Asperger’s syndrome – no doubt now promptly exploited by the social nurse crowds; I can hear the cries of “poor lamb” and “what could we have done to avoid this horrible tragedy happening” already – is in no way excuse; because if it was, everyone with the same condition should be locked in a madhouse not tomorrow but, actually, today.

Still: this madman would, in other times, have at least continuous reminders that there are other values than fun, sex on the beach isn’t any kind of achievement, and friends are something that – Asperger’s or no Asperger’s – one is simply not entitled to. This would, it is to be hoped and reasonably assumed, have an effect on his brain, making what has happened far less probable. If your eyes are at least vaguely, distractedly, or occasionally towards heaven, it will be more difficult to become obsessed with one’ problems on earth; which, in time, might even help with a social life and, if not sex on the beach – which I am not advocating – at least a reasonably contented existence.

Mr Rodger is simply saying to the world: ” all that you have declared the very purpose of existence, you deny to me. Therefore, I will take revenge on you”.

Think of it again.

In the twisted, godless world of the XXI century, he is making sense: in a world without God there is no place for morality, and in a world declaring self-satisfaction the purpose of existence a life without self-satisfaction is not worthy of existing.   

Elliot Rodger, lucid madman, is the mirror of the lucidly mad society of our times.



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  1. And he “belongs” in a sense to Hollywood.

  2. I have a major problem with the coverage surrounding this incident, and that is with the description of the man as “mad” and “mentally disturbed.” As you correctly pointed out, those with the condition he apparently had do not regularly commit criminal acts or otherwise we’d have to put them all into insane asylums. It seems to be a way of peeling away the rights granted to American in a piecemeal fashion – degraded group by group, rather than in whole.

    Elliot Rodger was not a “mad man” on rampage, but a bad man committing monstrous acts. A better term for him, in fact, would be monster. Men, loosing the light of the True Faith, become monsters, so that is a very good term for him.

    • I am not his doctor. It is difficult for me to say whether the man was mad, or evil, though I would say the latter is the more probable bet, because if he was mad he was a very lucid madman.

      What, I think, cannot be said, is “poor lamb, he had Asperger’s”, or “if he had not been so isolated this would not have happened”.

      There is always someone who thinks he can make himself beautiful by making others appear bad.


  3. I don’t know anything about whether this man was mad or evil…probably neither. I don’t know quite what to think about Asperger’s either. I do know that this modern Godless society unhinges people. When all people have is the here and now and they don’t understand anything about why, or what is reality, all they have is opinions, confusion, some sort of desire for happiness that cannot be found, and no way of coping with the disappointments life throws at them, no reason to be patient, and ultimately this is what atheism reduces us all to…just freaks of pond life who happen to be here….no meaning, no purpose….I suppose that’s why atheists find it so easy to kill…be it abortion, euthanasia….an enraged rampage…so what? Why would it matter? Sometimes I wonder, although I may be wrong, whether things like Asperger’s are actually “conditions ” or could it possibly be a condition that comes about because of the way life is these days? To be honest, it’s enough to drive anyone mental.

    • Well, it must be one of the two, mad or evil.
      Killing cannot be a neutral behaviour, even in those society who make of it a daily occurrence through abortion.


  4. prudentissima

    On the topic of mental illness and evil: sorry that I cannot link you ~ search new Oxford review for an article “Perfect Possession” by Chang I believe.

    Another thorough treatment is found at Sensus Traditionis. Under section multimedia there is.a link to a Keep the Faith video interview with Father Chad Ripperger, FSSP on the topic.

  5. prudentissima

    A slight correction. At the Sensus Traditionis site choose the tab at the top “Psychology”.

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