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I have posted a short while ago – after my adrenaline level has stabilised, albeit to a very dangerous level – a blog post about Pope Francis’ endorsement of and encouragement to sodomy. 

Reading around on the Internet, you find the various comments: with the professional blind, the closet homosexuals talking of “mercy”, and the “I don’t know how, but this must all make sense in some way” types.

Some commenters, though, seem to make a very dangerous mistake: they choose orthodoxy by half, thinking that this is a kind of “golden mean”, or a way to protect orthodoxy whilst remaining “charitable”. It isn’t orthodox, and it isn’t charitable.

A clear example is in the approval of the so-called “third way” concerning homosexuality. From what I could read around, this “third way” would consist in declaring oneself openly and proudly homosexual, whilst choosing chastity because… Christianity says so.

This is a clear example of senseless bollocks, invented by someone who wanted to bend over backwards to appease the culture of the times, or wanted to promote homosexuality profiting of the culture of the times.

Homosexuality is a perversion. There’s nothing good in homosexuality. Nothing whatever. Homosexuality is not to 98%, or to 99%, but to 100% of the devil. It is, therefore, utterly impossible to be afflicted by such a perversion and be “proud” of it, in the same way as it is impossible to openly declare oneself a pervert without giving scandal.

Thinking logically, the entire concept defies its purpose. To make something public already means to imply a search for approval; an approval that is then forcefully imposed on the community by the very assertion that there should be any “pride” in it.

One truly wonders what the purpose of this “third way” is: to lead homosexuals to accepts chastity, or to lead Christians to accepts homosexuality of something to be openly proclaimed, and to be proud of. Tellingly, no one of the promoters of this strange “way” seem to ask himself why there was never any need of it before. Was Christianity unmerciful these last 2000 years?

Beware of this kind of “moderate” positions. They aren’t Christian, at all.

The same happens with some Catholics who say that they are contrary to so-called same-sex marriage, but are not against so-called civil partnerships. They do not understand that if Christianity has done without civil partnership for 2,000 years it was because of … basic Christianity.

Unfortunately, nowadays the very concept of scandal has disappeared. Accommodating people’s real or perceived need is the real priority, and people therefore start to think, in all seriousness and without seeing any problem, how Christianity can be bent to do it.

The idea that it should be a problem at all that a faggot living with his “partner” would not have his “relationship” with him legally regulated, or would not be able to visit him in the hospital, or would not have any right to his “pension pot” by “divorce” would have caused justified scandal, mixed with amused irony and salacious comments, in every generation before ours. Nowadays, people very seriously think about them, and think them a societal issue. This is how de-Christianised our societies have become.

These are merely two example. There are many others.

Be always vigilant, and reflect whether what you are reading on the internet would have been considered sound by your grand-grandmother.

Truth never changes. It’s as simple as that.


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  1. A dear friend of mine is one of the people in The Third Way….I can assure you that this person does not promote the gay life style. I was a sponsor for RCIA and the person I was sponsoring could not accept the churches teaching on homosexuals. I was very distraught (how could i sponsor her??) and knew I could not convince her to accept the Churches teaching. I knew that she would have to hear the truth about the homosexual life and the reasons it was wrong by a person who used to live the life style. I contacted my friend and she immediately agreed to speak with my candidate. The 3 of us met for dinner and after hearing what my friend had to say my candidate fully accepted the churches teaching. My friend is a Traditional Catholic and holds to the TRUE teachings of the Church. The 3rd way is for those who have same sex attraction but pick up their cross and live a celibate, chaste life. Homosexuals need to realize there is a higher calling for them and I know that is why my friend agreed to be in the documentary. She did not do it for glorification or attention, but to reach out to the homosexuals (esp Catholic homosexuals) and show them a God has a higher purpose. …If they continue in the life they are living Heaven will not be open to them.

    • This is ambiguous, and utterly disquieting.

      Firstly, I have read around about the “out and proud”. This may not be the case of your friend’s work, but this is what, I am rather sure, it will become.

      Secondly, how can a perversion be “accepted”? A homosexual does not have a “higher calling” whilst thinking he can remain homosexual. A homosexual must understand that he is a pervert, and work on putting an end to it. Acceptance of homosexuality in any way, shape or form is acceptance of the devil.

      It is obvious – nor have I ever denied it – that the “third way” does not promote sodomy, so this is no argument.



  2. “It is the Holy Spirit’s pleasure and ours that no burden should be laid upon you beyond these, which cannot be avoided; you are to abstain from what is sacrificed to idols, from blood-meat and meat which has been strangled, and from unlawful marital relations. If you keep away from such things, you will have done your part. Farewell” Acts 15:28 & 29. This is the remenant of the Jewish purity laws that was to apply to the gentile converts: the absolute necessity. The word used for unlawful relations, πορνεία, applied to everything sexual other than relations within a marriage under Jewish law. There is nothing here about doing these things sometimes, or if you’re inclined to do them, or if a Centurion is about to cut your head off if you don’t. Pretty much, it’s just an absolute prohibition for everyone who wants to follow “The Way,” for all time.

  3. I will say this for the modernists, they’re not troubled at all about inconsistency. The nonagenarian in question writes that we’ve got to get beyond the Bible, “the Word of God is in the Bible, but it’s not the Bible,” or some such double-talk. So, for the sake of “including” sodomites we have to adopt a view of scripture that “excludes” most of the Protestant heretics. There goes ecumenism. Oh well, maybe the Prots won’t notice.

    • Yes, typical Modernist hogwash. Black is actually white, but we are not denying that it is black, because hey, we are sons of the Church, aren’t we?


  4. I presume you’re referring to the video that has made it’s way around the internet? I watched it and I didn’t get the same impression, seems like these people recognize they have a disorder and recognize acting on the urges results in emptiness and unhappiness. I saw it more like an alcoholic revealing their struggle and recognizing that they needed some moral support from the Church to overcome the devil’s temptation. Most of the people with same sex attraction were abused or exposed to some evil as a child from what I have observed. While I agree that homosexuality is sinful and disgusting, I don’t think a lot of these people have a path back to normalcy outside of living a chaste life. It’s at least a stepping stone off of the road to perdition.

    • No, I have read around articles about this “third way” with the accent on “out and proud”. I have not posted on it at the time because then I had other priorities, so I did not write any post with a link to the source.

      But the problem remains, and it is a fundamental one: you cannot normalise perversion, or accept it.

      Even wondered why there is no “fourth way” for pedophiles who “come out” and say they are attracted to little children but live a celibate life?


    • We don’t know the stories of every gay person or why they are living their lives in mortal sin. We do know that Satan is over joyed with the destruction this lifestyle is causing. These people are living a false happiness. ….they think to be happy you have to have a sexual relationship. ..that is not the case. There are plenty of people who are called to a single life who are heterosexual and are perfectly happy. Why? Because they know that is the vocation God has called them to. Why can the vocation to the single life of a homosexual not be accepted as easily? These people spoke to get the attention of those living in sin…..you have another option and this is the right option. Yes, I think the film should have been more direct to the sin and why it is a sin (so many people just don’t get it) These souls need to come out of their sin and strive for Heaven. The homosexual life style is wrong and an abomnation before God…..The person, however, is still loved by God and if they live a chaste lifestyle, honoring to God, receiving the Sacraments in a state of grace, do you think God is going to turn His back on them because they have broken the hook Satan tried to snag them with?

    • “Why can the vocation to the single life of a homosexual not be accepted as easily?”

      Because homosexuality is a perversion. A perversion is of the devil. It’s not something that you keep in a corner saying “well, I am homosexual so I can’t have sex; but a priest also can’t, so that’s fine”.

      It’s not fine.

      The priest isn’t a pervert, the homosexual is.

      The confusion between sodomy and homosexuality is one of the greatest plagues of our times: the thinking, I mean, that when there is no sodomy there is no problem. Wrong. Homosexuality is deeply and satanically wrong before any act of sodomy occurring, exactly as the desire to screw one’s own mother is deeply and satanical wrong before any act of incest occurring.

      This should be hammered in the head of every priest, bishop, or layman opening his mouth about the subject, because it’s Christianity 101.

      Sheesh, what times do we live in!


  5. victura1007 .

    Mundabor, I agree. It’s no different that an alcoholic saying “by golly I’m an alcoholic and proud of it! it’s the way God made me! but i won’t drink anymore.” Never works.

    It is a sexual disorder to be opposed with every ounce of one’s energy; not to be confused with one’s identity.

    • Well said.

      If the homosexual confuses his perversion with his identity, he merely shows how much the rot has taken hold of his personality, how deep the problem has already gone. A homosexual not willing to accept himself as a soul created by God in the proper way (that is: not homosexual) is declaring that he is possessed by his disorder. There is no talking around this.


    • victura and mundabor. You are off base here and looking for fault when there is none. In fact the alcoholic does not shy from admittance of his alcoholism, not proudly, but humbly. That is to say, “I’m a fallen and broken person, an alcoholic, but by God’s grace I am forgiven and redeemed.” This is the proper context in which to view the Third Way. Just as the alcoholic will never reorder his disordered desire for drunkenness, that is, he will never drink in moderation for the remainder of his life; most homosexuals will never reorder their sexual attraction to the opposite sex. Herein lies their cross. I find Voris’ explanation of the ancient Church teaching of “victim souls” helpful in understanding.

      I think there’s more agreement here between the makers of the video and yourselves than you see. I know many of the contributors and I can assure you they are with the Church and do not espouse the idea that a homosexual’s disorder is their identity. I see the video as having a two-fold purpose. First, to call homosexual’s who feel shunned by the Church to conversion in Christ, necessarily turning from an active lifestyle and embracing chastity. Second, to explain to the ignorant how we should treat those with same sex attraction.

      I would warn against the underlying thought that all homosexuals are behind the “out and proud” and the gay marriage movements. They are not. The other mistaken idea that seems inferred but unspoken is that repentance and conversion would take away or “cure” same sex attraction.

    • This is very, very wrong.

      The alcoholic does not accept that he will remain forever alcoholic, though he may die one.

      The alcoholic does not accept alcoholism as part of himself.

      Alcoholism is not a sexual perversion.

      Seriously, could you be more wrong?

      The important things to understand are very simple, and you insist in not understanding them:

      1. Does one ACCEPTS or CONDEMNS his homosexuality?

      2. How can it be that there is any way whatsoever that wasn’t acceptable in the past, but is acceptable now?

      We are talking sexual perversion here. Every novelty is heresy. The way of our forefathers is the only one.


  6. The mass acceptance of the third way video by the neo-cons also shows how much the rot has taken hold in the church. That video is very disturbing and its goal is ACCEPTANCE of the identity of HOMOSEXUALITY not eradication of a perversion.

    At no time in history did those who engaged in homosexual perversions desire to identify themselves as such, rather they hid their perverse desires and actions.

  7. This is a really unfortunate interpretation of this very well done film that promotes a “third way” of approaching same sex attraction… not the gay rights parade, and not Fred Phelps, but living a deep conversion to Jesus Christ and being chaste. The fact of their sexual affectivity having gone awry is discussed in a compassionate way, and it is made clear that it is result of human woundedness, the perspective of this film is absolutely nothing like the “gender theory” version that “some people are just made that way”. The same sex attraction feelings are unwanted but healing is not easy and may not come in this life, the feelings are there anyway, but as faithful Catholics they do not act on them. Surely any human who lives chastely can relate to having sexual feelings one did not seek and does not act on? I did not see anyone in this film claiming God “made them gay,” and their use of the colloquial term “gay” is justified to relate to the vocabulary the typical American uses to refer to someone with SSA, and not in this case an assertion of “gay pride”. These people are obviously proudly Catholic. The video does no exhaust the subject matter by any means. It’s not meant to, it’s meant to explain to people who are skeptical of sexual morality the Church’s expectation of “gay” people (people with same sex attraction) to live chastely. The audience of this is not only or even primarily people with SSA but the great numbers of people with natural sexual attraction whom our society has convinced that it’s “cruel” to expect anyone to exercise long term sexual selfcontrol. A major purpose of the promotion of homosexuality has been to break down the sexual morality of everyone and to break the idea that sex is for spouses to become parents through one another. The same sex attracted people in the video recognize they’re just humans with something awry with their sexual feelings and they have firmly chosen God and become resisters against social and moral havoc.

    • “Surely any human who lives chastely can relate to having sexual feelings one did not seek and does not act on?”



      “Something awry”?

      For heaven’s sake, have you all gone mad?

      Can’t you see how your very way of thinking is deeply flawed, and becomes a deeply flawed way of talking, which bends over backward to justify the unjustifiable?

      This is all whitewashing, and a subtle way of getting homosexuality in from the window as something “awry”.

      And once, I have not seen and I will not see the video. But I notice you are all infected by the same mentality.

      Everything you think of incest and pedophilia, you must think of homosexuality, because they are in the same ballpark, as 2000 years of Christianity have taught us.

      Stop the minimising and whitewashing. It’s a horrible, horrible perversion, 100% Satan’s work.


  8. Awesome wisdom Mundy per usual. I watched the documentary “The Third Way” and although the interviews were good and supporting Church teaching, it lacked the end game of it all: to heal the disorder of same sex attraction and become who God actually made you to be i.e. whole and holy. A little concerning that they chose the title when other people practicing or promoting sodomy use it in a twisted way. But in reality there is no Third Way only The Way which is Christ, His Church and healing. I think you are referring to what I heard termed (via the author Austin Ruse I believe) the new homophiles i.e. Catholics who think same sex attraction is a gift and that you can “love” someone of the same sex without being physical. Insanity of course but then again, when you play with the demon of sodomy that’s what usually shows up. God bless~

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