By Their Friends You Will Recognise Them

Possibly homosexual priest promotes sodomy his entire life.

Francis receives him.

He concelebrates Mass with him.

He even kisses his hand.

(The priest is the one dressed like a layman, with a cross added)




Homosexual priest has given open scandal in South America for many years.

He is allowed to run three Vatican hotels, where religious of a certain kind can, more or less casually, meet other religious of a certain kind, undisturbed.

Francis lives under his roof.

He also promoted the man to an extremely high position, at the head of the Vatican Bank.

Francis is photographed with him in a very friendly attitude.





Perfectly orthodox priests from a very saintly family co-founds a perfectly orthodox religious order that becomes among the most successful within the Church.

He is slandered and confined at home, whilst Francis goes over his order with the steamroller.






Time to wake up.



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  1. Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses and commented:
    I will pray for all of these catholic men. Only God knows their minds and souls. It is really sending a mixed message – and all I can do is pray. I understand your frustrations. All I can do is give it to God. Been fighting bad health and migraines and herniated disc. I will offer it up for your prayer intentions, mine, God’s, and the Pope’s. Rightful Ecumenism is ok. But, this seeming Papal vindictiveness is deeply troubling. I will double my prayers for him. He must be blind to his sins. Pray God gives him light to repent and repair the damage he has done. I’m sure that is what that Christ, the Great High Priest would have us do.

    • Wow…perfect link to go with this post. I had seen these pictures before with the first guy but I had never even heard of this other guy Gallo. Bergoglio is getting away with way too much and it seems that it will keep getting worse. The “visible” Catholic Church (not the real one, which has basically been forced into “underground” status) is a cesspool.

      I said it a while ago on this blog and i’ll say it again: I no longer waste my time praying for these people. Am I wrong for this….possibly I am, but I keep thinking of all of the souls “on the fence” who are going to be led down the wrong path because of the evil V2’ers.

      Good people, though they make mistakes of course, have the inclination to do good and prayer will surely help. Bad people have the exact opposite inclination. Prayer is fine for the right reasons but God also gives us all free will to act as we see fit. Bergoglio made his decision to be who he was going to be a long time ago and that is not going to change.

    • I have written about Gallo, though on that occasion I was angry at Cardinal Bagnasco, who let the side down in the most horrible of ways. Actually, I remembered the episode in another blog post, after it was clear the man has now fallen from grace in the… hotels of power.

      Allow me to say that you are wrong on the praying. We pray for our enemies, period.

      But think of this: if they convert they will not be your enemies anymore. If they do not convert, your prayers for them will bring merit to you. To you, it’s a win-win.

      As to those who are lost: they will, from the first to the last, have to blame themselves for it. God’s working is so that a great sinner can repent, whilst the many he has encouraged on the way to hell don’t. If it weren’t so, redemption would be but a pious wish past a certain age.

      If I were, paradoxically, to choose between two alternatives: 1) Francis goes to hell together with all those he encourages on the way to damnation, and 2) all of them go to hell, but not Francis, who repents – I would still consider the second option infinitely better than the first, because every soul has infinite value and one soul more saved is therefore infinitely better than none of them saved.


  2. Just plain disgusting and confusing. I can’t stomach this behavior anymore. What a cross this pope is to any Catholic who takes the teaching of the Church seriously.

  3. victura1007 .

    The Church is so infested by clergy with homosexual proclivities or sympathies now it makes me ill. It turns many straight men away from the priesthood, and parish life, because straight men do not want to hang out with homosexual men. It’s that simple.

    It’s actually a small miracle that any heterosexual male is willing to put up with the Lavender Mafia culture.

    • Can’t say I am sad.

      A beatification through that man would tarnish the joy in any way.

      I can wait.


    • There is, however, a teasing glimmer of hope:

      And he suggested that he might follow in emeritus Pope Benedict XVI’s footsteps and retire if he no longer had the strength to do the job.

      “We need to look at him as an institution: he opened a door, the door of emeritus popes,” Francis said. “Only God knows if there will be others, but the door is open.”

      If and when the time comes, he said, “I will do what the Lord tells me to do, pray and try to find God’s will. But I think that Benedict XVI wasn’t a unique case.”

      Remember how Bergoglio still holds his Argentine passport? Hmmm…

    • That would be, if it happens, at least a chance.
      But give him other two years and a Maradiaga will be far more probable than a Ratzinger, or even Wojtyla…


    • It is also galling that he says he does not have a miracle for Pius XII just after he made without the need for one for John XXIII…

      Still, he may be sincerely persuaded that Pope XII might not be in heaven, and he would be taken down by the Holy Ghost before he canonises him.


    • How does it go again? “Fear of the Horde is the beginning of wisdom”?

    • Let’s face it, the Jews have veto power over what Catholics are allowed to do. Anyone who resists is immediately branded as “anti Semitic” and they must yield, just like when Cardinal Glemp resisted having the Polish nuns kicked out of their convent at Auschwitz. Just like recently when Jews screamed “Nazi” as they were enraged that SSPI Catholics dared to pray the rosary in the cathedral in Buenos Aires, as one Jew hovered behind the Catholic priest with his arm threateningly around the priest’s neck..

      Before you know it, homosexuals will be given that same veto power by Francis.

  4. At least Dope Francis wasn’t kissing the first one’s feet. Though we don’t know what transpired in private.

  5. Mundabor…wise words. Its not easy for me anymore to pray for those who continue to damage the Church.

    • For me neither. I think it is part of the programme that we do things we dislike because we are required to.

      I try to imagine a converted Francis, and then it comes much easier…


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