When Francis Gets It Right




You can’t go on any half-decent Catholic blog nowadays without reading criticism of the Bishop of Rome from all sides.

What I often notice is the attempt to save what can be saved, by saying: “I so liked his speech on such and such an occasion, but…”

My two cents on the matter: when a man talks first class rubbish whenever he speaks off-the cuff, you can be sure whenever he makes a sound speech he has not suddenly discovered orthodoxy.

Common sense says that he is, on that occasion, simply following the speech that was written by others, and given to him.

Even a compulsive attention-seeker will, at times, simply think it wiser to follow the script. 


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  1. Or the Holy Spirit speaks thru Pope Francis on Matters of Faith and Morals – Every Pope enjoys the unearned assistance of the Holy Spirit called “Infallibility” not “Impeccability.”

    • Infallibility is only given in matters of faith and morals, when he speaks ex cathedra. The assistance of the Holy Ghost is limited to that.

      This is Catholicism 101. Let us not confuse the basics with the antics of this disgraceful man.


  2. A stopped clock is right twice a day, so is Pope Francis.

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