You’ve Got Mail, Ms Keldermans!

"No, little Mary: you cannot play with this!"

“No, little Mary: you cannot play with this!”




.. and it looks like this.

This is what happens when one plays priest and is older than, say, six.

Although, thinking of it, I do not remember little girls playing priest in my time.

Evidently, they had more sense than Msssss Keldermans.

Source: Deacon’s bench.






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  1. Bishop Paprocki is one of the most outspoken Bishops in the USA on moral issues and Church doctrine. His secretary was murdered by a homosexual man whom she tried to convince to give up the gay life style. Here are some quotes from the Bishop:

  2. Short and to the point. Good. These notices should be issued for all politicians who openly support abortion, too, like the execrable Justin Trudeau, leader of Canada’s Liberal Party, who’s declared that support of abortion is a non-negotiable value for anyone running for his party. I’d go further, too: the names of the excommunicated should be posted on every church door, and printed at the end of the weekly Sunday bulletin, so EVERYONE knows that these people are to be shunned, and we’re not going to look the other way if they turn up, even for weddings or funerals. Excommunication should mean something within the community, not kept a sort of secret trouble that we don’t talk about.

  3. Ah spring time… the old bats come out of their winter slumber to play dress up like a bunch of pre-adolescents:

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