FFI: Damned If You Do, Dead If You Don’t

Meanwhile, in the Vatican...

Meanwhile, in the Vatican…

The news that the Franciscans Sisters of the Immaculate are going to go the same way of their male counterpart is now everywhere. As Pat Archbold rightly points outs, the continued persecution might have the aim of driving some of them into the (perfectly Catholic) arms of the Society. At this point, the great “I told you they were bad” moment of Volpi & Co. would have arrived.

On the other hand, doing nothing leads simply to destruction. The FFI will simply be, at some point, disbanded and his members dispersed among other orders, probably ill or dying, but where they would be a tiny minority to be “re educated” in the failing ways of V II.

Damned if you do, dead if you don’t.

The Great Man…

How to get out of the quandary?

One understands the thinking that to accept persecution in the short term is for the greater glory of the Church in the longer term, and if the FFI meekly accepts the persecution their sacrifice will be remembered one day as a luminous example of obedience in times of madness. One understands that one might reason in this way.

Still, I am not persuaded.

If this thinking had been applied by the Great Man, today we would very probably – nay; let’s call it “certainly” – have no Traditional Mass. All those, therefore, who advocate the meek acceptance of the scaffold for the FFI members should, in order to be coherent, consider offering themselves the very same meek submission they think the Great Man should have offered, and radically avoid attendance at TLM masses, be they the SSPX, the old Indult or the new SP ones; it being very clear that without the SSPX there would be no Indult and no SP masses for as long as the V II madness endures.

I am a supporter of the SSPX. I think that they represent not a sign of rebellion, but a sign of obedience. I can, therefore, not see why the obedience to a higher Power than the Pope then showed by the Great Man should not find application in this situation, which is a kind of replay on a much smaller scale of what happened then.

Either this higher loyalty exists, or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t, Traditionalism in any form whatsoever should not exist – actually, the very word should not exist – in the first place. If it does exist, then it is if not necessarily mandatory, at least always legitimate to decide that, when this higher loyalty cannot be preserved without great detriment to the Truth, disobedience to wrong orders should be the choice. As the smart Italian soldiers used to say, gli ordini sbagliati non si eseguono, “the wrong orders are not carried out”.

Add to this that whilst Volpi & Co. would have a short-term argument to persuade those who do not need persuading anyway, a robust defection of FFI male and female members would be a permanent thorn in the side of NuChurch, and expose the failure of such attempts to purge orthodoxy from the Church and get away with it. On the contrary, a robust defection would show that Modernism will not be allowed to make itself comfortable within the Church without resistance, and every action will cause a reaction.

Again, it is a matter of higher Loyalty. Or is there anyone of you who thinks Athanasius should have been obedient to Liberius, and meekly accept the massacre of Catholicism in the serene confidence God will, at some point, set things right?

God sets things right by motivating brave men and women to set them right, not by sending Angels on earth to clean the mess in the kitchen, whilst the cooks look and do nothing.

At some point, resistance must be legitimate. Common sense and love for the Church say that it must be so.

I hope that, if this scandal does not end, a sizeable minority of FFI friars and sisters will leave the FFI and FSI and will ask to be affiliated to the SSPX.

Let Volpi & Co.  scream as much as they like. They will only persuade those who are already sold to their Modernist ideology.




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  1. What I do not understand about this FFI problem is that if the Vatican did not want FFI to become completely traditional, then why were they not at least permitted to keep both the ordinary and extraordinary form of the Mass, just as are parishes ? To do anything else seems clear that the intent was to disband the order, or at least to greatly reduce its numbers.

    • The FFI was a living, breathing, walking, preaching monument of the failure of the V II church. And they dared to be critical of it.

      This is the real issue.

      The FSSP celebrate the Mass almost exclusively in the Vetus Ordo, but they keep schtum about V II and are therefore spared.


  2. Isn’t it possible for someone to obtain and many others to publicize the mail address of the victimized friars, so that hundreds or even thousands of Catholics would write letters of support to them?

    I’m sure they could use some uplifting support. Or if they are denied mail, as if virtual prisoners, then that should be publicized.

    • I think those who decide to march to the slaughterhouse do so in full knowledge of the support they have from outside.
      Still, if anyone can post the relevant information I will gladly publish it, if it is not intrusion in other people’s privacy or unauthorised use of private email.


  3. ladyofquality

    “God sets things right by motivating brave men and women to set them right…”

    Good line, M. Very well said. I’m going to borrow that one!

  4. I’ve got to the stage that when I see some of the BoR’s embraces I can’t help being reminded of one of the Twelve.

  5. Mundabor,

    Don’t mean to derail the general theme of your thread here, but since you made reference to it, could you please quickly share your view of FSSP and their schtumming regarding VII?

    • The FSSP was born schtumming. Keeping schtum is, so to speak, in the building permission of their very edifice.

      I am sure they are orthodox, sincere priests with an authentic love of the Church. But if I compare them with the SSPX, they are not even in the same league. Love of Tradition is so much more than the old Mass, it is the defence of the entire world that gave origin to it.

      Even the FFI – a born Novus Ordo, V II order – was, to my knowledge, far more vocal in denouncing the misery of V II than they. I struggle to remember one vocal, robust intervention of the leadership of the FSSP against V II. Aren’t they supposed to be the ones who defend Tradition?

      Yes, I am sure father X and father Y make, in their own little circle, a wonderful work. But this remains confined to the flock in those individual pews. As a public force against V II, to me the FSSP is just nowhere.

      The FSSP is Traditionalism that accepts to keep schtum.

      God bless the SSPX. A true gift from Heaven.


    • prudentissima

      Agreed. It was a painful acceptance for me, but I agree with you. Took me two years to accept this, but yes. May God bless and protect us all.

  6. Have you heard the news? Pius XII’s canonization process has been stopped because “there are no miracles”. Though according to the curator of his cause there are several, this just shows what a real hypocrite Bergoglio is.

    • I knew there was one, and the beatification was already waiting only for the pope’s green light.

      I do not consider Bergoglio above lying, at all.


  7. I must admit I wondered almost from day one if that would be the outcome. It seems like the obvious thing to do really. SSPX seems like the only sensible answer to me. Submissive obedience is all very well if there is light at the end of the tunnel….and of course, if a light is switched on at the end of the tunnel, then SSPX would be up for negotiations, wouldn’t they? But in the current climate of being steamrollered out of existence, I think they would do better to vote with their feet. I am inclined to think that the more people turn to SSPX the better…because it is sending a message. And as the VII Church continues to implode eventually the balance will shift and the Church will need SSPX. It seems to me like a win/win situation. If the Vatican sorts itself out then SSPX will be able to come in anyway and if the Vatican continues obstinately let them carry on till there’s almost nothing left…then there will be no choice but to bring SSPX in. “That” generation will be coming to an end in the forseeable future and the youth lapsation rate is ridiculous….there will come a time when the only people left will be those who take things seriously….and with new blood on the case without the vested interests then work can begin to put things right…and then, I think, it will be recognised that SSPX were pretty much right about things all along. (sorry, in rant mode. I don’t understand why they think more of the same will fix the problem 😦 )

  8. Lets get one thing totally straight for those who may not know any better: The FSSP is a V2 schill group. I have personally spoken to their head of operations in North America and this man is a joke of a priest, not to mention a coward of a man. I will not go into specifics other than to make the general statement I just made. True Catholics…stay away from the FSSP……they are truly wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    • I have seen many of them as good and orthodox priests in these years of blogging.

      But lions, they certainly aren’t.


    • “head of operations”? Joke? Coward? Seems like you’re working though some issues of your own. A few days ago, one of that “head of operations'” priests took a bullet, and another got done over with an iron pipe. This does not strike one as either cowardice or a joke. Whatever the failings of FSSP, to diss their priests thus is disgraceful.

    • The fact that one was shot and the other gravely injured is no proof at all that what the commenter above said is not true.
      As always, there will be the more and the less committed.
      As always, there might be commitment in one field (say: helping the poor, etc.) and less commitment in another (say, criticising V II)
      As always, it may well be that the more “pliable” priests are those who rise to position of higher prestige and responsibility.


  9. Well if you are Protestant not understanding Francis is the least of your problems…

    Still: he does it because going against the grain of the world is a tiring, wearing job, that creates a lot of trouble and is not good for one’s career chances.

    Much better to feign humility, get around with the bus and let the world know, treat all one’s predecessor as pompous asses, and be the friend of the dominant subcultures of our times: perverts, liberals, atheists.

    Then there is the hate of the working class lad for the solid, well-educated middle class; you see it everywhere in Bergoglio: he does not show up at the concert and offends Benedict who had planned it; he mocks those who count rosaries … for him; he loses no occasion to shoot against solid people with solid values. This is the reaction of the one who knows he may have reached power and prestige, but to them he is just the same boor he always was.

    There: you have Bergoglio and his motives in thirty seconds.


  10. Mundabor,

    Can you point me to where I can research to learn more about FFI’s critical evaluations of Second Vatican documents?

    • DuckDuck go is your friends.

      They have (had) a publishing house that published a book openly critical of V II, and probably much else on the same lines. Their critical stance was, in general, rather diffused from what I have read. The fact they were more and more attached to the TLM is in itself an indictment (albeit a perfectly legitimate one) of their critical stance towards V II.


    • This is their website, which is fairly extensive but then again seems semi-abandoned:

  11. Great piece, Mundabor. I’ve had the same thoughts for some time now on applying the Athanasius example to today’s crisis, as well as the hope that the FFI will turn to the Society. In fact, I see a sizable number of the laity also turning to the Society if things continue as they appear to be, and perhaps getting much worse. Thank God for +Lefebvre. Thank God for Bishop Fellay.

  12. prudentissima

    From the collected works of the Seraphic Father Francis, prophecies, p 248f
    ….The scandals will be multiplied, our Order will be divided, and many others will be entirely destroyed, because they will consent to error instead of opposing it… Then our Rule and manner of life will be violently opposed by some, and terrible trials will come upon us… and in order to be like their Head, these, the elect, will purchase for themselves eternal life; choosing to obey God rather than man, they will fear nothing, and they will prefer to perish rather than consent to falsehood and perfidy. Some preachers will keep silent about the truth, and others will trample it under foot and deny it. Sanctity of life will be held in derision even by those who outwardly profess it, for in those days Our Lord Jesus Christ will send them not a true Pastor, but a destroyer.

  13. I am glad for your words regarding the FSSP. I am happy that they have brought the Mass to more people, but they were literally born of their dissent from Archbishop Lefebvre, and they chose against him. The SSPX continues to grow in spite of the drop-outs, and with the grace of God will flourish and help restore the Faith.

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