Hiring Charlie Sheen


You lied, prime Minister.

You lied, Prime Minister…



And it came to pass The Destroyer had the gall of, after appointing Kasper as only opening speaker on the matter of adulterers and describing his as “profound and serene theology”, complaining that the press is now rather focused on this impending earthquake. Yours truly has reported.

A very good comment comes from this blog:

If I want to teach my family about morals and I hire Charlie Sheen, one must assume I’ve done my homework and selected the right person to convey the message I wish to have conveyed. I own the outcome.

With all due respect, it is simply not believable to select Kasper, sit back and watch the circus of dissent and confusion he conveys on your behalf, and then claim you did not wish this outcome.

Not owning the outcome feels deceptive and that is impacting credibility and trust.

Very well said.

We see the duplicity, the double-tongued hypocrisy, the lie, and the outright fraud of pushing a revolution and then saying one is surprised the revolution is causing so much stir, and people should focus on the daisies now in full bloom instead.

We see it. Francis, who is a Jesuit, doesn’t. Sir Humphrey should explain to him a couple of things.

Another brilliant reflection:

The Roman Catholic Church ordained and hired dissenters on every level and the situation is catastrophic.

Announcing the fix is in, hiring a man leading a schismatic movement and then claiming he is shocked by the outcome tells us it is the same old show only now at the top.

It gives the appearance the Pope is among those who operate under the old chestnut of passive-aggressive deception. That is bringing a boatload of other problems he didn’t expect upon his papacy.

It seems more and more evident to me that normal, reasonable, mainstream Novus Ordo Catholics (or at least, for now, bloggers) are more and more waking up to the immense scandal of this papacy. Their number will grow as Francis makes his enmity with Christ’s teaching (yes, I mean exactly that: enmity with Christ’s teaching) more and more evident. The Pollyannas will swallow everything unquestioningly like the average Stefan Mustermann during Nazism, thinking that if the Fuehrer has said so, why it must be right. But many, many others will realise the Church has no Fuehrerprinzip, and the Pope must respect Catholicism like everyone else and, actually, before everyone else; because being servus servorum Dei, the first among the servants of God, brings not only a very great power, but also a very special responsibility.

Deo volente, the resistance will grow stronger and Francis will realise the popularity with the wrong crowd is paid with a constant erosion of credibility as Pope; which, in turn, makes him less and less credible as the apostles of a New Age of Mercy; because if even yours laugh at your antics you can be Bishop of Rome, but you won’t carry a great weight after all.

Pope Bozo has abundantly trespassed every boundary of common decency, and it is time Catholic bloggers, journalists and common readers start making it clear without undue obedience for a Fuehrerprinzip the Church was never meant to have.

Unless, that is, they aren’t happy with the sacraments being made a parody of, and Catholic morality being perverted and subverted in the most shameless, if “officially unofficial”, way.







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  1. It seems that the only new Catholic marriage and family problem for the synod on the family to discuss is the ‘Catholic’ gay family and gay marriage including baptism and education of the children of gays, whether adopted outright, or having one of the partners as a biological parent by the use of some artificial and condemned means . From what we are seeing, it seems that the Synod will include several of the most unlikely men to come to any authentic Catholic understanding of these problems. Before the discussions begin, it seems an appropriate time to issue them some pink slips..and I am not referring to ladies’ undergarments.

    • Already the fact that the discussion will be there is atrocious, if you ask me. There can be no good faith in wanting to start it in the first place.


  2. Mundabor,

    I often read your column and thoroughly enjoy it, so keep it up.

    You describe yourself as “a very conservative Catholic”. I would rather say you appear to be a normal orthodox Catholic, although you do sometimes go over the top in the way you express yourself. But on your own admission, you are a foreigner so it’s not your fault. Your translation and English language are actually first class. If only the Vatican could come even near you standard!

    Yes, the time has arrived when we must all stop being “nice”. Catholicism must be stated clearly and simply.

    A word of warning though. Try to avoid too readily and frequently invoking “Goddard’s Law”.

    • Thanks James.

      It wouldn’t be my fault even if I would not be Italian. It’s you Brit who have to become more Italian, not the other way round… 😉 I merely make some work of education to give my contribution to the eradication of the stench of stanic goodism I smell everywhere around me.

      I had to google “Goddard’s law”.. 😉 but no, I think the comparison must be made often and forcefully.


    • Mundabor is a spearpoint. When people see what he does, they can be emboldened to go farther themselves. Then they influence the even more timid to go farther, and on and on.

    • Very well said.

      People are, very often, vaguely aware of certain realities, but they hesitate to put their thinking in practice, in words, in actions. Seeing other people doing what they think will embolden them.

      Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher represented a minority in their own country, as did actually Nigel Farage. But by seeing other people actually saying what they were only confusedly thinking, they have carried (at least the first two) enough voters on their side to change their countries.


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