Enjoy It While It Lasts? The Future Of Orthodox Blogging Priests

Many more where this comes from...

Many more where this comes from…



If you surf around for blogs written by Catholic priests, you will not be able to avoid noticing that the tones are becoming more and more critical. Some priests are more open in their criticism and do not shy away from the “F-word” (Francis, that it). Others are more circumspect, but nevertheless very clear in what they say and who is the addressee of their complaint. Other still criticise left and right of the target, Voris-style, but you sense the darts get nearer to the bull’s eye.

 One truly wonders how long this will go on. 

We must understand two important elements here: 

1. Dissent is acted against extremely slowly, if at all, but in the new “time of mercy” there is no mercy for Catholicism. The LCWR continue their antics undisturbed, but the FFI are brutally persecuted after suspicion of “Proto-Lefebvrianism”. 

2. If a professor or a theologian dissent from Church teaching no less than an official enquiry of the CDF will, perhaps, persuade them to at least tone down their tone. In contrast, every orthodox blogging priest can be ordered by his bishop to shut down his blog overnight. 


 It does not take a genius to recognise that if the present “age of m… arijuana” continues, the danger that many of these blogger priests will be requested to either renounce to criticism of the Destroyer or shut down their blogs is very real.Come October, it seems reasonable to think there will be open resistance and condemnation to any Kasperite measures that were to be adopted, or proposed, or offered to “reflection”.  At this point, more an dmore bishop will be tempted to “go Campbell”, and order their priest to shut down their “divisive” blogs, that puts heretics against Catholics when everyone knows Jesus wants us to all play cards together.

Many priests will, I am sure, comply in a spirit of obedience; persuaded that no blog is indispensable; that others will carry on the flag; and that the responsibility for the cessation of the blog will be exclusively on the shoulder of the bishop. 

But at some point a priest will simply refuse to comply, believing that the bishop is simply not due obedience when he acts in open complicity with evil; this priest will rather invite persecution and legal confrontation than stop caring for the salvation of souls through his blog. 

At this point things will become interesting, because the matter will land in front of ecclesiastical courts, and they will have a rather hard time officially sanctioning the right of a bishop to muzzle perfectly Catholic opinions of their own priests because, being Catholic, they are deemed divisive. Then the bishop himself can be asked to stop being a bishop because either he is catholic, and then he is divisive, or he is not divisive, and then he is not being a bishop.

Let this kind of legal confrontation become very frequent and very public, and what we have is a first-class showdown between perfectly Catholic priests and their perfectly anti-Catholic bishops. 

It might be, I often think, good for a priest with the intention to resist the muzzling to simply state it – purely hypothetically of course – in his own blog. Something on the line of: the bishop is a wonderful, wonderful shepherd and all that, but wrong orders will not be obeyed, and if the event were to happen (which it will neva! evah!), well then in this utterly hypothetical case, see you in court.

Not that it will ever happen, of course. No. ‘Course not. Perish the thought.

In this case, I think, there would be a kind of United Catholic Front, of people who simply say “I think blogging is integral part of the way I work as a priest, and I will be a priest through my blog as I am a priest otherwise, unless I am told in court I am wrong”. 

Just a thought.





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  1. stevendallas

    The newChurch folks over at Catholic Answers, emboldened by their running buddy Mark Shea, are orchestrating a smear campaign against traditional priest, Fr. Zuhlsdorf (Fr. Z). You can witness their thinly veiled attack against him here, when they refer to rock-star priests who “are willing to offer a “love offering” to his apostolate, a bit of junky swag from his online shop, or a monthly donation to his favorite cause (himself).” They just cannot stand his advocating for all things Latin, and that’s he’s not crazy in love with the pope like Shea.


  2. I think you’ve introduced an excellent point in that priests and others need to start thinking ahead for the crackdown that is surely to come. But probably most will wait until they see it actually happening, that’s human nature. But then it might be too late.

  3. One thing: why should any good Catholic obey Francis when he lives in a state of mortal sin every minute of his life?

    “it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck…” That’s Francis.

    • Well it’s not for me to say whether he is in mortal sin or too stupid to be held accountable.
      I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes and die, is all.


  4. prudentissima

    I almost think it would be better for us if they would stop blogging and take a stand, albeit being silenced. I think they would still be persecuted and attacked. I think we should face it, they have been taking names for a long time now. If these good priests focus instead on praying for us, rather than the media, I think it would be heroic. Keep the blog names and domain and simply stop blogging. Set the feed to update anything that continues activity. It would be understood as protesting being censored.

    • prudentissima

      This is all just one side, I know but I don’t believe it will be the ecclesiastical courts dishing out punishments. They will wash their hands of it after renouncing traditional Catholics to the world as divisive haters who are non compliant. Some of them have been doing this kind of thing all along…

    • Very possible. But then the shame would be the more bigger.

      I think the consequence of that would be a new breed of blogging priest: the anonymous one.

      There will always be good priests fighting the good fight from the underground, methinks.


    • You mean, to stop blogging before being officially ordered to do so? I must disagree on that.

      A blogger priest is a blogger priest exactly because his vocation does not rely solely on praying, but expresses itself in different ways too.

      To self-castrate oneself in order to protest against the coming castration does not seem a very practical idea. By the by, it would make no noise at all, whilst a priest openly fighting against the order to be silent would have a huge impact, and a priest who stops blogging because he has been ordered to do so and obeys would still shame his bishop forever.

      The idea of keeping the blog name is very good, though; but the bishop could, at that point, order the priest to give the password to him, too.



  5. prudentissima

    Yes, I think you are correct. They ought not shut down their current blogs unless ordered and then in a manner to keep the blog and the post post archives and links available.

    And yes, I certainly think they should continue blogging, but ala St. Edward Campion, anonymously. We certainly need our good shepherds.
    I pray they guard themselves as best they can, perhaps by posting on other established blogs as guests? Anything that enables them to continue to offer the Holy Sacrifice without which we all will surely be lost.

    • “perhaps by posting on other established blogs as guests?”

      One problem: a priest gets more credence than laity, but how would an anonymous priest have credence without revealing who he is? Perhaps some trusted person vouches for the anonymous priest. In fact, there might ultimately be some central person or some network of persons to do that. That would require the authenticators to be immune from being compelled to reveal identities..

      Now is the time, before October, to make those real world connections that might later be useful online.

    • What I would do is that I would say that I am an anonymous priest, and then proceed to give countless pieces of evidence that I am, for example with my knowledge of the liturgy, traditional Catholic doctrine, etc. I wouldn’t even say in which Country I live, WordPress now allows worldwide anonymity.


    • For starters, all such priests (or even laity) should never start a blog by using their real email address. They should create a new email address only for blogging. If any of them have already used their real email to blog, then it’s too late. The old email will be stored forever, even if it now gets changed.

      Never use google for anything, especially gmail. What happens when some radical homosexual employee decides to out you? The same for wordpress or any internet company.

      Try opening an email account at yandex.com, just to get your feet wet, so to speak. It’s in Russia, so that’s ironically less of a threat to freedom and security. Probably.

      For Disqus commenting, it’s simpler to use yopmail.com

      Change email accounts from time to time. The inconvenience is worth it.

    • It’s a sign of the times that for a secure email address one must recur to Russians…


    • From the little I’ve seen so far (such as with Volpi hammering the FFI), liberal bishops might issue an order like so: “cease your blog at xyz.com and refrain from making any future internet postings of any kind whatsoever unless you first inform me and obtain permission from me”. (I’m thinking, e.g., of how founder Manelli is ordered to not travel without permission.)

      At that point, a priest might feel that, by his duty to God, he must continue denouncing the wrong that he sees – but can he disobey the order to not inform the bishop?

    • he would, then, inform the bishop that he feels duty-bound not to obey.

      The Great Man was ordered to close the seminary in Econe.

      He did not obey.


    • Yes, faith before obedience… but then such a priest might eventually find himself wondering where he will live.

      I’ve just seen this talk by Fr. Joseph Pfeiffer, a very dedicated traditionalist:
      “The SSPX Died July 14, 2012”

      95 minutes

      He was expelled from SSPX, apparently by Fellay, for preaching against Fellay’s acceptance of V2. “…if Lefebvre was right, then Fellay is wrong”.

      There is even the story told therein of a 72 yr old German priest who needed a place to live after being expelled from SSPX. Lots of things that were new to me. Shades of things to come for the Roman Church, perhaps.

      With Fellay now seemingly reversing his move toward liberalism after the advent of Francis, SSPX might be a haven for lots of Roman priests after October?

    • I am the last one who worries where priests who consider themselves too good for the SSPX will live. The SSPX doesn’t owe them a living.

      I am more concerned about the NO priest who will find unbearable to operate under their bishop, for example because he wants to force them to give communion to public adulterers. I hope the SSPX will be able to welcome or assist some of them, and traditionalist orders like the FSSP will take on board others. Many others will be, I think, moved to unpleasant places as a punishment, where they will form wonderful communities of true faithful. But honestly, most priests in England live in comparable poverty, and if push comes to shove a council flat will not be for them a traumatic change of lifestyle if they are not allowed to continue to work in their, or in any other diocese.

      We pay taxes for a lot of people very able at dodging work (a minority of the unemployed, I am sure; still…). I for myself will be very willing to pay them to provide basic comfort and shelter to good priests persecuted by their own bishop. It will mean they will celebrate Mass in their own little room, with a portable altar. I am sure Christ will be more pleased at one of those masses, than at 1,000 with the tambourines.


    • Maybe after Francis starts his first “Gay Outreach Program” and some priests resist, there might even be a conservative private foundation started to aid persecuted priests. Francis encourages making trouble and stirring things up – he apparently hasn’t heard of sewing the wind and reaping the whirlwind.

      (Yes, Francis will formally call it something like “Outreach to the Marginalized” and the dupes in the population will be willingly tricked by that, but it will really be meant for radical homosexuals.)

    • I always thought all this talk of “outskirts” actually means “dirty priests”; but I am not referring to the smell of the sheep, rather that of the pigs…


  6. prudentissima

    Please correct to Edmund nof Edward. Hate this auto correct….

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