“Protect The Pope”: The Bishop Speaks.

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When the girl kissed him, he became a V II bishop. When the girl kissed him, he became a V II bishop.

Bishop Campbell has reacted to the media echo of his treatment of the blog “Protect the Pope”.

There are some huge news. And some observations worthy of the one or other comment. I see the bishop’s main points as follows: 

1. The Deacon writes that the blog reflects his personal opinions, but he does say that he is a deacon of the diocese, and this could lead the readers to think that the deacon reports the views of the diocese.

Well: if they are stupid, yes. But stupidity has no rights, nor would civilisation exist if everything that can be misconstrued by the stupid would not be written or told. Still, it seems to me the bishop has another point here, that I have made in another post: if one says he is a deacon, he has spent the…

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