The Rosary, The Pope And The Samba School

Look, a pectoral cross!  There must be no Rabbis in sight!

Look, a pectoral cross!
There must be no Rabbis in sight!


When Pope Francis was informed that good, orthodox catholics had prayed more than 3,000 rosaries for him, he found nothing better to do than to mock them speaking with “progressive” nuns. 

When a bunch of spirited “Charismatics” prayed for him, “speaking in tongues” like consummated dope heads, Pope Francis found it fitting to kneel and pray.  

As they say: spot the difference.

At the beginning, Francis thought these Charismatics were like a “samba school”. But then he saw …. that there were many of them, so he changed his mind.

On this occasion, there were 50,000 of them; plus the press, the TV, the entire media enchilada.

Therefore, kneeling (something he never does in front of a Tabernacle) was certainly worthwhile.


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  1. Pope Preposterous.

  2. That he doesnt kneel in front of the Tabernacle is the cause of all the rest.
    Dios mío líbranos de este hombre.

  3. victura1007 .

    When did bowing and kneeling in front of other people become in vogue? Did Obama start it? Is this Japan?

    I don’t recall any other pope in my lifetime bowing and kneeling in front of other people, or kissing their hands.

    • It’s very much “Dalai Lama”.
      Francis loves this kind of things. Albeit I think he was kneeling to God, not them.
      The idea was “I am soooo impressed with your spiritual strenght; you are so different from rosary-counters!”

  4. Well…a pectoral CROSS to be sure, but is it actually a crucifix?

    • A pectoral cross, though in this context nothing changes whether it is a crucifix or a cross. It’s not that he is denying Christ less if it is a cross instead of a crucifix.
      Still, as long as he hides it it is difficult to say….

  5. Yeah, I have had experiences in Proddy Wonderland, too.

    If I want to speak in tongues, I try to do it in known languages. I pray the Rosary in Latin, which is beautiful and very focusing. It’s impossible to mindlessly repeat the Rosary. Can’t be done. You will know immediately that you are wasting your time and God’s as well. That’s what Prots don’t get.

  6. Harold James Norwood

    Yes, “On this occasion, there were 50,000 of them. ! Could a vetus ordo Mass gather so many faithful !!!!!

  7. Following up on the Samba article, my experience with the charismatics is one of utter frustration. I just don’t see how babbling is considered sacred. If anything, God is the creator of language, the creator of the mind, the soul, and all the other things which defy the insanity of atheistic evolution. I suppose that is ultimately why I came into the Roman Catholic faith at last: because my mind wouldn’t accept the illogic that is foisted upon me at every turn in Prodistan. But here, you should enjoy this bit of Charismata: I give you the Right Reverend Benny Hinn – Dark Sith Lord:

  8. Jewel, I have some ‘really special’ experiences in proddieland as well. I have two brothers who believe they are fundamentalist ministers. They are good at the speaking-in-tongues thing. Fortunately I rarely see them since the deaths of my parents. I have a sister who briefly joined a charismatic prayer group at her ‘Catholic’ university, and insisted I join her. It was not a good experience, and it was really hard not to laugh.

    On another blog, there is mention that the HF looks so prayerful, kneeling, with eyes closed, at the charismatic gathering, and then in another day or so rips into people with ‘angel faces as they pray’. This will no doubt have to go into the Little Book of Insults.

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