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I Wonder Who Won



Seventy years ago to this day the Allied forces landed in Normandy, starting the last phase of the Second World War; a phase that would see them taking the ruins of Berlin less than eleven months later, and defeat Japan merely months thereafter. 

Many gave their lives in that war to upheld a vision of life and societal organisation that was, to them, worthy of sacrificing everything: democratic societies strongly anchored, by all their shortcomings, in Christian values. Their struggle ended, as already stated, among the fuming rubble of Berlin, in total military victory. A victory to which the Commies certainly gave their contribution, but with that problem being addressed immediately after the end of the war and solved, without a new world war, in less than two generations. 

Seventy years after D-Day, I wonder what has remained of those efforts, and to what extent the Nazi ideology, defeated on the battleground, has conquered its conquerors is a posthumous, slow war of attrition. 

Hitler’s work is being now carried forth by those very Countries that once paid such a high price to destroy his inhumane regime. Abortion has killed, in those very countries, many times the Holocaust victims. Euthanasia is, as in the Nazi regime, in the process of being introduced; and, as in the Nazi regime, you may bet what you want that the exercise of this “faculty” will be more and more aggressively demanded and, at some point, perhaps even enforced. 

In general, and most tragically, Hitler’s effort of eradication of Christianity is being continued in the modern big Western Democracies, without exception. The very basics of Christian morality are being attacked, and Christianity itself is more and more seen as a bringer of “hate”. The aggressive atheist vanguard – backed by the sleepy, lazy, tragically ignorant, obscenely stupid, and morbidly obese troopers of the populace – is rapidly reshaping the mind of the stupid many, and rewriting history, morality, and even the vocabulary as the oxes learn to obey their new, and very vocal masters. The latter are a limited number of perverts and their evil accomplices, who have persuaded the oxes that not to support them is the epitome of wickedness. The stupid oxes, sated and satisfied, ruminate towards the ruin of those religious and democratic values for which their grandfathers died. 

This is why, seventy years later, I wonder who won. 


Stellar Father Guarnizo On Communism, Socialism And Christianity

Mundabor's Blog

Father Guarnizo

What follows is a contribution of astonishing clarity – almost unknown-of among V II prelates, particularly now that they are fully in the thrall of the “new humbleness” – of Father Guarnizo on Christianity, Socialism and Communism.

I personally think that he overvalues the danger of Communism per se, but there is no doubt in my mind that he is absolutely spot on on the devastating effect Socialism is having not on ly on European societies – and increasingly more on the US American one – but in misleading too many Catholics, which are in turn indoctrinated to the point they can’t even see authentic Christianity anymore.

I also note Father Guarnizo is now in the diocese of Moscow. You will remember Father Guarnizo is the poor chap stigmatised by Cardinal Wuerl for being a Catholic priest; a Cardinal, by the way, whose career is marching on undisturbed.

There is…

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Inequality, Evil, And Worldly Thinking

The Doctrine of Wealth in six easy points.

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Shane at Lux Occulta has another booklet, called  The Labour Question and certainly worth the reading.

This insightful and very well balanced booklet is one of the best expositions I have ever read of the Catholic “doctrine of wealth”. Its importance lies in the fact that whilst its author is not immune from some populism, nevertheless the lessons to be learned are transmitted forcibly and eloquently. This is not what modern socialists and “socially minded” people would want it to be but alas, Church teaching never was – nor will it ever be – supportive of social envy and class warfare.

The booklet, probably written towards the end of the Victorian era (no year of publication) reads at the start like Dickens on a very bad day, tough we must make allowances for the times. Still, slowly a more equilibrated and realistic picture of modern societies (and of every Christian society…

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